What are the advantages of bedside mobile DR? How to clean and disinfect?


 Bedside mobile DR, that is, mobile digital DR machine, because of its portability, flexible operation, small footprint and other advantages, usually for seriously ill patients and mobility, compound trauma and some other special patients at the bedside imaging examination, not only effectively meet the hospital clinical rapid uptake demand, but also in the major epidemic infectious disease control to achieve compartment control, to protect the safety of health care workers. Therefore, the industry recognition of bedside mobile DR has been increasing in recent years.

The PLX5500 is a high-powered mobile DR unit with a compact body and 65kW high-powered bulb to deliver high-quality radiation to meet the needs of patients of all sizes, even those weighing hundreds of kilograms. Clear images can be obtained even for patients weighing hundreds of kilograms. The large heat capacity supports continuous operation to meet the needs of continuous filming for large-scale medical examinations and pneumonia screening. Use of new energy storage technology to meet the needs of long-term safe storage and emergency rapid activation. The combination of dual motors and delicate mechanical design allows female operators to easily push with one hand, suitable for use in orthopedics, traumatology, wards, and intensive care units.

Bedside mobile DR in the process of daily use, inevitably encounter the surface stained, at this time to clean and disinfect, you need to pay attention to the following points:

A, dust, dust removal

In the operation of the bedside mobile DR, if there is dust on the flat detector, it will affect the clarity and cleanliness of the image, the more dust, the worse the clarity and cleanliness will be, seriously damage the imaging effect, resulting in misdiagnosis of the phenomenon. And the dust in the machine lightly cause parts rust, mechanical parts are not sensitive to the activities of the heavy circuit failure, resulting in circuit board burn, machine damage.

Bedside mobile DR routine maintenance of dust and dust removal can not be ignored. When cleaning, equipment managers should use a clean dust-free cloth or medical gauze to wipe, can not use any corrosive solvents.

Second, cleaning and disinfection

1. Before cleaning and disinfection of the bedside mobile DR, the host power needs to be turned off to avoid water or other liquids into the equipment, otherwise it may cause a short circuit or component rust.

2. Regular (weekly) cleaning of the equipment surface, including the operating table, patient contact parts need to be cleaned daily.

3. Use a damp cloth and neutral detergent to wipe the surface of enamel or aluminum parts, avoiding any corrosive, soluble or abrasive detergents or disinfectants.

4. Avoid using sprays for cleaning and disinfection to prevent electrical damage caused by sprays entering the interior of the equipment.

5. Clean the interior of the bedside mobile DR under the guidance of a professional or engineer.

Perlove Medical bedside mobile DR

 Bedside mobile DR can be used in almost all medical scenarios, and can photograph all parts of the human body, such as head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones, soft tissues, and is widely used in emergency departments, orthopedics, surgery, operating rooms, ICU wards and other clinical departments where patients cannot move bedside, especially for intraoperative, acute and serious patients and infectious patients in isolation areas. It is a veritable “imaging department on wheels”. It is a true “imaging on wheels” department. It is of great clinical value for the imaging of patients with impaired mobility.


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