What are the advantages of clinical application of suspended dynamic X-ray machine? Suspended dynamic X-ray machine treatment of several advantages


The middle-aged and elderly people are the focus of primary care, and the status quo of “backward hardware and equipment, talents and lack of examination items” makes some primary care hospitals have more than enough power to deal with the middle-aged and elderly patients with many kinds of underlying diseases. The Pratt & Whitney Suspension Dynamic X-ray machine not only facilitates the digestive tract imaging examination of the elderly, but also has the functions of digital filming, digital fluoroscopy, digital gastrointestinal imaging, visualization spot film, etc. It is a multifunctional machine with wide clinical application, which helps expand the examination items of the primary hospital and improve the medical level.

The emergence of visualized suspended dynamic X-ray machine provides a convenient and efficient way to examine the digestive tract diseases of middle-aged and elderly people, and also meets the deep demand of primary medical care, which is a high-quality choice for primary hospitals to improve their medical service capacity. With the popularization of dynamic DR, it will help primary hospitals to solve the first consultation needs of many kinds of diseases and bring greater benefits to the diagnosis and treatment of middle-aged and elderly diseases.

Suspended dynamic X-ray machine diagnosis and treatment of several major advantages: 

First, the image is clear, facilitating diagnosis 

Compared with traditional instruments, it is more convenient for doctors to make a diagnosis of the patient’s condition. Doctors can be based on the need for a variety of image post-processing, such as digital subtraction, from which a wealth of reliable diagnostic imaging information, the discovery of early lesions is particularly important.

Second, imaging quickly, saving time 

Since the suspension dynamic X-ray machine has the characteristics of instant imaging, doctors can quickly see the image results. Because it has the advantage of instant imaging, when the wrong film or the patient’s body movement leads to poor picture effect, the doctor can immediately re-shoot.

Third, reduce radiation and protect patients 

Compared with traditional instruments, the suspended dynamic X-ray machine only needs a small amount of X-rays to complete the imaging process and get a high-definition image, so the radiation to the patient is also smaller.

Fourth, save space and improve efficiency 

As the hanging dynamic X-ray machine changed the traditional film photography method, directly through the professional monitor to read the film, greatly improving the efficiency of the hospital.

Unlike static DR shooting hidden lesions, due to tissue overlap lesions difficult to identify, take longer and easy to miss, misdiagnosis, Pride suspended dynamic X-ray machine can be dynamic real-time continuous imaging, for overlapping parts of the lesions or easily obscured lesions for multi-angle dynamic observation, millisecond time to achieve dynamic and static conversion point film, fast and accurate completion of the film. For example, for occult rib fracture, the patient’s exhalation and inhalation process can be observed under fluoroscopy, avoiding overlapping images and quickly spotting the film to ensure that the disease at the examination site is not missed and to achieve accurate diagnosis.

The suspended mechanical structure and the retractable bulb tube system can help achieve dead-angle free posing to meet the needs of multiple body positions for filming, while the intelligent lift bed design facilitates the elderly with limited mobility to get in and out of bed, reducing the workload of medical and nursing staff and optimizing the doctor-patient examination experience.

For hospital construction, the shooting needs of the suspended dynamic X-ray machine can be met, while rapid imaging and multi-angle shooting, convenient and fast, can greatly improve its work efficiency. It can reduce the cost of equipment procurement while improving the efficiency of equipment inspection utilization, thus providing accurate diagnosis and treatment support.


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