What are the advantages of double-plate suspension DR ?


Perlove double-plate suspension DR

X-ray is more familiar with more contact with a routine examination, since the beginning has been widely used in clinical imaging examinations, and with the update of the technology continues to improve and progress. DR equipment has become the mainstream X-ray filming trend, is the hospital radiology department must have one of the “weapons”.

In the clinic, different mechanical structure design of the DR is to more convenient for doctors to operate, as well as clinical image shooting position, so our daily in the hospital to be able to see the DR equipment, roughly divided into the U-arm structure, double column structure, suspension series structure.

Take the double-plate suspension DR structure as an example, compared with the U-arm structure DR and double column structure DR, its coverage of the shooting surface is wider, the new image chain, fast and accurate data transmission, low noise, to ensure high-quality images at the same time will be strict control of radiation dose.

Dual-plate suspension DR in the hardware configuration, usually there are two flat panel detectors, but the configuration of these two flat panels, but not necessarily exactly the same, such as PLD7600A this multi-functional dual-plate suspension DR, the configuration of its dual-plate is a wired dynamic flat panel detector plus a wireless flat panel detector. 100 μm high-frame-rate dynamic flat panel, the dynamic examination of the frame rate reaches 30 frames per second, so that dynamic High frame rate of 100μm dynamic plate, dynamic examination frame rate of 30 frames/second, so that dynamic fluoroscopy can also obtain high-quality diagnostic images comparable to the static plate; static photography effective pixels of 18 million, as well as the spatial resolution of 5.0lp/mm, in the ultra-high pixel and ultra-clear image resolution, can quickly obtain a more high-definition, low-dose high-quality images, even in the magnification of the diagnostic, but also be able to display the organization of the image is very clear.

Dual-plate suspension DR with dynamic and static plate switching

Perlove dual-plate suspension DR can realize millisecond plate selection switching, dedicated plate, high efficiency and professionalism, together with the flexible movement of the suspension mechanical structure, easy to realize the multi-position shooting free conversion, greatly improving the efficiency of clinical examination.

Dual-plate suspension DR adopts intelligent elevating bed design, with a large range of motion, which can easily cope with the clinical examination of the old, the young, the sick, the disabled or the mobility impaired, and the bed can float up and down, front and back, left and right in six directions, which brings a more comfortable examination experience to the patients and the medical staffs.

Double-plate suspension DR meets the application of whole body parts.

Chest position, lying position balloon and detector can be automatically tracked, centering; balloon touch screen near the table to open the examination, intuitive display of patient information, exposure parameters and positioning tips, support in the established medical records, two-way synchronization of the patient’s position protocols; fully automatic motorized beam limiter, according to different position protocols to automatically adjust the irradiation field, a higher degree of intellectualization, and greatly enhance the efficiency of the examination; AEC function Automatic control of exposure time, can make different parts, different patients shot images, with the same amount of light sensitivity, reduce the difficulty of physician operation.

Perlove dual-plate suspension DR has been crafted to solve clinical pain points, and has made intelligent changes in image quality, posing operation, workflow, etc., to fully meet the needs of clinical examinations at all levels of medical institutions.


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