What are the advantages of Dynamic DR over Static DR?


With the aggravation of the aging population, the number of orthopedic and pain department visits in many hospitals continues to rise, in the process of examination, we often see such a device – dynamic DR. so you know what is dynamic DR? Dynamic DR is a multi-functional composite DR, with digital photography, digital fluoroscopy, digital gastrointestinal, digital imaging and other functions. It meets all kinds of clinical applications, taking into account bone and joint, respiratory, gastrointestinal and genitourinary clinical examination, as well as fluoroscopic localization, fluoroscopic puncture and other interventional radiography and imaging examinations.

What are the advantages of Dynamic DR compared with Static DR?

Unlike conventional static DR, which can only perform plain radiography, dynamic DR can meet a variety of clinical examination needs, including static examination, fluoroscopy, imaging, spine and lower extremity full-length splicing examination, which has a wealth of clinical applications compared to static DR. Dynamic DR is more accurate and intuitive, and the efficiency of posing for radiography has been greatly improved, which greatly saves the time for radiography.

With the further development of dynamic digital radiography technology, dynamic DR is expected to fully replace the conventional static DR, fundamentally changing the clinical drawbacks of ordinary digital radiography leakage and misdiagnosis, and greatly improving the accuracy of DR diagnosis.

PLX8600 Large Field of View Flatbed Dynamic DR

Leading the development trend of the industry, Perlove Medical has independently developed PLX8600 flat-panel dynamic DR specially designed for large-field clinical applications. The breakthrough 17*34-inch dynamic flat-panel, with no splicing of the whole plate, presents more accurate images of the long bones and effectively simplifies the examination process of the imaging department, improves the diagnostic accuracy, and reduces the radiation dose absorbed by the patients.

Whole spine imaging at one time without splicing

17“*34” effective field of view, twice as large as the market size flat panel, one time imaging without splicing. Compared with multiple photography and then software splicing DR equipment, PLX8600 solves the problems of uneven density of spliced images, image alignment and magnification effect at the spliced images, and brings a real large field of view imaging solution to the clinic, high-definition image quality, accurate imaging without distortion, can cover the whole spine or double lower extremity images at once. The radiation dose of a single shot is 1/2 or 1/3 of that of conventional multiple shots and then software splicing DR, which is a low dose to give more care to the patients.

Large field of view photography / fluoroscopy Multi-purpose machine

In addition to conventional static photography, PLX8600 large flatbed has dynamic fluoroscopy and spot film functions, and the fluoroscopic acquisition function can support large field of view and multi-angle visualization observation. Through the visualization of dynamic images, together with the point-and-shoot function, it is able to observe the complex parts of the lesions, effectively capture the key frames, reduce the probability of patients taking films several times, safe and efficient. Such as: total spine status assessment, long bone and joint mobility, lower extremity venography valve function assessment, digestive tract function assessment, spinal cord imaging and other large field of view clinical applications, multi-faceted to give doctors more surprises.

Large Field of View Flatbed Dynamic DR Images

PLX8600 Dynamic DR has a large field of view, one-time imaging without splicing, reducing the number of shots, shortening the shooting time, and lowering the radiation dose absorption of patients. Comprehensively applied to various clinical departments, it can be applied to physical examination department, internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, traumatology, emergency department, etc. If you want to know more about the advantages of Large Field of View Flat Panel Dynamic DR products.


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