What are the advantages of dynamic Flat-Panel C-arm machine compared with shadow increment C-arm machine


C-arm machine is one of the necessary equipment for orthopedic surgery and minimally invasive development, and is also a guarantee of the quality of orthopedic surgery. With the further development of flat panel detector-related technology, the C-arm machine imaging system is now gradually being upgraded from an image intensifier to a digital X-ray flat panel detector, resulting in lower radiation dose, larger effective imaging area and higher imaging quality. The PLX119 series dynamic flat panel C-arm machine uses a large size dynamic flat panel detector of 30CM×30CM, which significantly improves the imaging area compared with the traditional flat panel detector and reduces the number of surgical exposures after doubling the field of view, truly achieving the two goals of high-definition images and low-dose radiation.

Dynamic flat panel C-arm machine

The dynamic flat panel C-arm machine has the following advantages compared to the shadow-augmented C-arm machine:

1, Dynamic flat panel C-arm machine imaging does not require camera conversion, direct imaging effectively avoids the loss of information, and the flat panel detector is more sensitive to X-rays, the image gray scale range and dynamic range is large, so that the image has the excellent effect of “both flesh and bone”; therefore, in the clinical image rendering effect, the flat panel is clearer than the image of shadow augmentation, and the level is richer. Therefore, in the clinical image presentation effect, the flat panel image is clearer and richer in layers than the shadow enhancement image.

For example, for lumbar spine images taken under the same exposure conditions, only the anatomical structures can be seen on a normal shadow-augmented C-arm machine, while a dynamic flat-panel C-arm machine can not only display the anatomical structures normally, but also the trabecular structures of the vertebral body clearly.

Dynamic plate C-arm machine image

2, dynamic plate C-arm machine will not be affected by the magnetic field and geometric distortion, its image quality is consistent edge-to-edge images. It avoids various problems in image intensifier, such as loss of signal conversion, distortion, color interference, geometric distortion, inconsistent brightness, etc.

3, the same size conditions, the flat panel imaging field of view is square, compared with the round field of view of the shadow enhancement, the field of view is larger.

The same 9-inch flat panel compared with the shadow augmentation, the effective field of view area increased by 22%, which can make the physician in the vascular, interventional and orthopedic surgery, such as a larger field of view, can be more convenient to carry out surgery, so that the surgeon more confident.

Dynamic flat-panel C-arm machine contrast shadow increase field of view is large

4, dynamic flat-panel C-arm machine output is a direct digital image information, fully digital information acquisition, transmission, processing, storage, display, etc. reduces the difficulty of image post-processing at the same time to ensure high quality image quality.

Dynamic flat-panel C-arm machine image quality

5. The small size of the dynamic flat-panel C-arm machine leaves the surgeon with more space and operational flexibility, which makes it more adaptable to the operating room environment and makes it more convenient for the surgeon to perform surgery.

Dynamic flat-panel C-arm machine of Perlove Medical

In recent years, the C-arm machine has been gradually updated and iterated, with miniaturization, portability, visualization, automation and high precision becoming its development trend. From the demand of clinical convenience, Perlove Medical launched PLX119 series of dynamic flat-panel C-arm machine, which adopts one-piece rack design and covers an area of only 1㎡, adapting to various crowded and complicated surgical environments and saving surgical space; with power-off standby function, the machine remains in standby state after unplugging the power, so that it can return to normal use immediately after being transferred to other operating rooms and powered on, saving In addition, this dynamic flat panel C-arm machine also has many highlights such as touch operation screen, pluggable filter grid, bi-directional laser positioning and automatic hovering, which are favored by hospitals at all levels.


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