What are the advantages of high power C in intervention?


The C-arm usually used in orthopedic surgery is small and flexible in appearance, so it is commonly known as “small C” in the industry; while the fixed angiography X-ray machine is commonly known as “large C or DSA”; “medium C “It is mainly used in orthopedics, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, gastroenterology, and vascular interventions other than cardiovascular and cerebrovascular (capillaries, small arteries and veins).

High Power Interventional C in Perlove Medical

In recent years, with the rapid development and popularization of interventional technology, the clinical application of interventional treatment has become more and more widespread, and is favored by the majority of clinicians and patients due to its remarkable therapeutic efficacy, small trauma, short treatment course, large safety factor and low mortality.

Interventional C has its own unique advantages in interventional clinical use due to its cost-effective advantages and convenient operation, it does not require a special room and power supply, hospitals do not need to do power electrical transformation, the general environmental conditions of the laminar flow operating room can meet the requirements of installation and use; at the same time, its power is appropriate and the radiation dose is low, which is a very good thing for both the operator and the patient, and is called one of the green One of the safe interventional treatment equipment.

Compared with the large C with high operation cost, the interventional medium C is more able to fit the clinical application needs of hospital specialties. In the construction of minimally invasive surgery projects in general hospitals such as ERCP and pain departments, it can be used as a specialized device with an exclusive operating room, so that it does not have to be mixed with other departments and has a wide application prospect.

The size of X-ray power directly affects the penetration and energy of X-rays, so the size of C-arm power has an important impact on image quality and diagnostic accuracy. The power of the C-arm is generally between 15KW-25KW, and the 25KW high power of the C-arm is used by Perlove Medical, which effectively ensures the imaging requirements of obese patients or thicker parts of high-density tissues, while fully satisfying the need for high power instantaneous exposure during digital photography, especially suitable for clinical applications of peripheral intervention and comprehensive interventional treatment.

High-power interventional C has the following advantages:

1. Improved image quality: High-power X-rays can penetrate deeper tissues, resulting in clearer and more accurate images. This is very important for some areas that require deeper observation.

2. Enhanced contrast: High-powered X-rays produce a stronger ionization effect, which enhances the contrast in the image. This helps doctors to diagnose diseases more accurately.

3. Wide range of application: High-power intervention in C is suitable for imaging high-density tissue in obese patients. Both major and minor surgeries can be performed with a high-powered C-arm machine.


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