What are the advantages of mobile digital DR in different medical fields?


Mobile digital DR is digital high-frequency mobile radiography medical diagnostic equipment. Compared with the traditional fixed (floor-standing, suspended) digital DR, Perlove medical mobile digital DR occupies little space, the film ingestion process is simple and fast, and it is widely used in different medical fields, including emergency department, operating room, bedside diagnosis, mobile clinic and so on. It can provide instant image results to help doctors make quick diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Perlove Medical Mobile Digital DR

Emergency Department: Mobile digital DR can quickly acquire X-ray images in the emergency department to help doctors make quick diagnosis and treatment decisions. This is very important for emergency patients to reduce waiting time and improve treatment results.

Operating Room: Mobile digital DR can provide real-time X-ray images in the operating room, helping doctors to accurately position and navigate during surgery. This is very helpful for complex and minimally invasive surgeries, which can improve the safety and success rate of surgery.

Bedside Diagnostics: Mobile digital DR can be easily moved to the patient’s bedside for immediate X-ray examination. This is very convenient for patients in critical condition and patients with limited mobility, and can improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis.

Mobile clinics: Mobile digital DRs can be equipped in mobile clinics to provide X-ray examination services to patients in remote areas and those who are unable to travel to healthcare facilities. This is important for universal access to health services and balanced distribution of medical resources.

High-risk environments: Mobile digital DRs can be used in high-risk environments such as battlefield medicine and disaster relief. These devices can be deployed quickly to provide medical personnel with the necessary diagnostic tools to help save the wounded and minimize deterioration.

Elderly Care: Mobile digital DRs can be used in nursing homes and long-term care facilities to provide convenient X-ray services to the elderly. This helps in early detection and treatment of diseases in the elderly and improves their quality of life.

Mobile Digital DR Clinical Imaging

Perlove mobile digital DR – PLX5500 adopts 65KW high-power bulb tube, which can output high-quality rays to meet the shooting needs of patients of all sizes, and even patients with special body shapes can obtain clear images; to avoid motion artifacts due to patient’s breathing, PLX5500 can output a sufficient amount of X-rays in 1ms of In order to avoid motion artifacts caused by the patient’s breathing, PLX5500 can output a sufficient amount of X-rays in 1ms, instantly fixing a clear image for the doctor’s diagnosis, which is especially suitable for photographing patients who are difficult to hold their breath, such as pneumonia, pneumoconiosis, and tuberculosis.

Equipped with a large thermal capacity, Perlove mobile digital DR can cope with sudden large-scale shooting tasks, with better equipment durability, continuous shooting with ease, and free you from the worry of equipment overheating and downtime.

Mobile Digital DR

With the continuous development of mobile digital DR technology and the expansion of application areas, its application prospects will continue to expand. The portability, high image quality and fast diagnosis of mobile digital DR make it an important tool for medical institutions and doctors, which helps to improve the quality and efficiency of medical services.


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