What are the advantages of Perlove Medical high-end digital DR?


In order to improve and enhance the hospital’s comprehensive health service capacity, Dingri County Central Hospital introduced Perlove Medical’s high-end large field of view digital DR. The introduction of high-end medical equipment enhances the diagnostic efficiency of the hospital, providing accurate examination and perfect treatment services for patients in the region and more tourists in Everest and providing a solid foundation for the development of various clinical services.

Perlove medical digital DR installed and used

High-end large field of view digital DR accurate image health escort

DR is the gold standard of orthopedic examination. In orthopedic examination, spine orthopedics, long bone fracture, lumbar degenerative disease, etc., it is necessary to collect panoramic images of the spine and lower limbs to assist the doctor in clinical diagnosis, so as to formulate a scientific treatment plan. In order to realize full spine and lower limb imaging, the industry mostly adopts digital DR equipment with the function of automatic splicing of long bones, and several images with overlapping parts are spliced into one complete image. This method requires multiple exposures of the patient, which not only takes a long time to photograph, but also results in a relatively large radiation dose, and cannot completely avoid splicing errors in the image gaps. As a result, high-end large-field digital DR, which can realize one-time imaging without splicing, was born.

Intelligent imaging helps “precision medicine”.

The high-end large-field digital DR PLX8600 independently developed by Perlove adopts an effective field of view of 17″*34″, and can obtain images of the whole spine or the whole lower limbs in one exposure. Compared with multiple photographic and then software splicing DR equipment, this digital DR solves the problems of uneven density of spliced images, image alignment and magnification effect at the spliced images, and brings a real large field of view imaging solution to the clinic. High-definition image quality, accurate imaging without distortion, helping doctors to accurately and quickly determine the disease.

Perlove Medical Digital DR Images

A powerful “multi-talent” that is suitable for both motion and stillness

In addition to conventional static photography, Perlove high-end large field of view digital DR with dynamic perspective and point film function, through the visualization of dynamic images, with the point film function, can be a good observation of complex parts of the lesions, effectively capture the key frames, reduce the probability of patients to take multiple films. For example: total spine status assessment, long bone joint mobility, lower extremity venography valve function assessment, digestive function assessment, spinal myelography and other large-vision clinical applications, the “multi-faceted” can easily cope with.

Lower radiation: Continued care at the foot of Mount Everest.

The whole spine and both lower limbs can be imaged at one time, eliminating the need for multiple exposures and reducing the radiation intake caused by multiple shots. Perlove’s high-end large field of view digital DR is equipped with DAP dose monitoring system, which can display the cumulative radiation dose value absorbed by the patient in a single examination, making it convenient for doctors to monitor the safe radiation dose of patients with multiple follow-up visits. Low radiation, intelligent, humanized design, so that the love of Perlove continues at the foot of Mount Everest.

Perlove medical DR series products

During the twenty years of DR innovation, Perlove has realized several leaps from analog to digital, from static to both static and dynamic, and from conventional flat-panel size to large field of view. Perlove medical digital DR series products are multi-functional, intelligent, simple and easy to operate, which can meet the wide range of needs of hospitals at all levels.


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