What are the advantages of suspended flat panel DR compared to traditional X-ray machines?


DR, also known as digital radiography, is a form of x-ray imaging that is widely used in medicine to examine the clavicle, ribs, pleura, back, and spine for lesions. Suspended flat-panel DR is designed with a suspended mechanical structure, with the arm of its bulb tube suspended from the roof.

Perlove Suspended Flat Panel DR

Suspended flat panel DR has great advantages compared to traditional X-ray machines:

1. has a large size fixed plate, can meet the examination of obese patients, and another wireless mobile plate can meet the requirements of photographic examination (including standing, lying, stretcher position all-round photographic examination);

2. the use of automatic tracking dual-track suspension system, can be a wide range, multi-angle, no dead angle shooting, but also easy to achieve the special patients such as wheelchair or stretcher photographic examination, to reduce the secondary damage caused by the pendulum position;

3. clear and delicate images, suitable for the detection of early lesions;

4. powerful image post-processing, the use of seamless stitching technology to generate full spine stitching images and long bone stitching images, to better serve patients and clinical.

Perlove suspended flat-panel DR panoramic splicing

As a professional DR imaging equipment manufacturer in China, Perlove’s suspended flat panel DR has a 100μm high frame rate dynamic flat panel, with a dynamic examination frame rate of up to 30 frames/second, making it possible to obtain high quality diagnostic images comparable to static flat panels; the effective pixels for static photography are up to 18 million, with a spatial resolution of 5.0lp/mm, with ultra-high pixels and ultra-clear image resolution. With the support of ultra-high pixel and ultra-clear image resolution, high quality images with higher definition and lower dose can be obtained quickly, and the tissue images can be displayed very clearly even when the diagnosis is enlarged. At the same time, it adopts dynamic and static dual-plate configuration, which can realize millisecond-level plate selection switch, dedicated plate, efficient and professional, with flexible movement of the suspended mechanical structure, easily realize multi-position shooting freely conversion, significantly improve the efficiency of clinical examination.

In order to achieve radiation low dose management,Perlove suspended plate DR is equipped with DAP exposure dose display, automatic exposure control, removable filter grid and fully automatic electric beam limiter, which can effectively control the dose intake without worrying about the radiation impact caused by multiple exposures.


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