What are the advantages of Suspending DR equipment?


The convenience, high efficiency, and low cost that DR possesses have also become an essential part of clinical diagnosis. As the basic examination equipment of hospital radiology department, DR has a wide range of applications in chest, abdomen, spine and limbs examination. Currently on the market, DR can be divided into several categories according to different mechanical structure design, such as double column DR, suspending DR, mobile DR, U-arm DR and so on.

In many DR equipment, for the hospital imaging inspection technology service capacity, hanging DR equipment is undoubtedly one of the quality choices, hanging mechanical structure design, can be free in all directions without obstacles to the position of film ingestion, even for the wheelchair position, mobile bed patient film ingestion, hanging DR equipment can be able to cope freely. Therefore, suspending DR equipment has a wider range of clinical application scenarios, higher shooting efficiency, greatly reducing the technician’s positioning time, optimizing the examination process, and has obvious advantages in digital radiography.

Suspending DR

For example, PLD7800D suspending DR equipment from Prudentech is simple and efficient.

The suspension has a wide range of motion, and the sling can be lifted up and down and move horizontally and vertically along the overhead rail to meet a variety of body positions for shooting;

The machine head adopts touch screen control, which can easily realize the posing function of one-key chest film position and one-key under bed position;

Automatic tracking of the machine head, chest film frame and camera bed film box;

The machine head can realize multi-dimensional rotation, which can complete the free switching between chest film position and under-bed position;

Adoption of simple and reliable hand-held control box control mode;

Motorized lifting and lowering of the chest film holder, with a large lifting range, which is convenient for the examination in the upright position;

Both hand/electric control mode, can realize the upper and lower electric lifting of the sling box, electric manual can control the transverse longitudinal movement of the overhead rail.

Suspending DR equipment rack design is very flexible, high degree of motorization, reflecting the humanized design, reducing the doctor’s work intensity, saving the posing time, increasing the patient circulation, in practical application can quickly improve the diagnostic efficiency, optimize the technician’s workflow, available for hospitals at all levels of the human body head, chest, abdomen, lumbar vertebrae, limbs, and other parts of the human head, lying down, orthopedic and lateral digital photography The system can be used for digital photography of human head, chest, abdomen, lumbar spine, limbs and other parts in all levels of hospitals in upright, prone, front and side positions.


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