What are the advantages of the C-arm clinical application?


C-arm X-ray machines are a subcategory of medical X-ray equipment that is distinguished by its frame shape resembling the letter “C”, as well as the O-arm and G-arm, which are commonly used for real-time dynamic imaging during surgery.

The advantage of the G-arm is that it combines two sets of X-ray emission and imaging devices in one, allowing simultaneous front-to-side exposure of the area of interest and real-time front-to-side imaging of the patient; the advantage of the O-arm is that it provides a wider FOV and better image quality; so what are the advantages of the C-arm design in clinical applications?

C-arm X-ray machine

Domestic C-arm X-ray machine manufacturer Perlove Medical summarizes that the C-arm design of X-ray machine has the following advantages in clinical applications: 1:

1. High flexibility: The C-arm can be freely rotated to achieve different angles of shooting and observation, adapting to various clinical needs.

2. Good stability: The C-shaped arm is connected by multiple joints, which can achieve multi-directional movement and support, ensuring the stability and accuracy of the device.

3. Wide field of view: The design of the C-arm allows the device to move in all directions, thus expanding the field of view and improving the quality and accuracy of images.

4. Easy operation: The operation of the C-arm is relatively simple, and the doctor can control the movement and angle of the device by a simple handle, which reduces the difficulty and time of operation.

5. Wide range of application: C-arm can be applied to many different clinical applications, such as orthopedics, cardiology, neurosurgery, etc., and has a wide range of application prospects.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the accuracy, speed and reliability of C-arm have been continuously improved, and the intraoperative 3D C-arm with the function of “intraoperative CT” is gradually becoming a development trend.

Perlove medical mobile flat 3D C-arm

The PLX7500A mobile flat-panel 3D C-arm developed and manufactured by Perlove. is one of the few intraoperative 3D C-arms on the market with three types of registration certificates. The device can quickly generate transverse, sagittal, coronal and rotatable stereoscopic images intraoperatively, providing the operator with a 360° observation angle without dead angle, and comprehensively judging the bone tissue and implants to provide a guarantee for the implementation of surgery.


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