What are the application advantages of Dynamic DR?


Tubal infertility is one of the main causes of female infertility. Hysterosalpingography is less damaging, and under the operation of experienced physicians, it can make a correct diagnosis of tubal blockage, with an accuracy rate of 98%, and has a certain therapeutic effect.

Tubal imaging examination can understand whether the fallopian tube is open or not, the blockage site and the morphology of the uterine cavity according to the contrast medium’s visualization in the fallopian tube and pelvis, which can not be replaced by ultrasonography, CT, nuclear magnetism, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, and tubaloscopy. As an advanced imaging equipment in the field of general radiography, flat-panel dynamic DR for hysterosalpingography greatly exceeds the past examination technology, and is more accurate, convenient and efficient.

Dynamic DR Imaging

Compared with traditional gastrointestinal machines, Dynamic DR has a large rectangular acquisition area and can display the entire pelvis in one exposure, significantly reducing observation time. Controlled instantaneous irradiation avoids the subject from absorbing excessive X-rays, which is particularly important for the examination of women of childbearing age. High-definition spotting in millisecond time can complete the filming during the flow of contrast medium, capturing the key images and more clearly understanding the specific patency of the lumen and the site of blockage, which is of great value for examination and diagnosis.

In addition, the application of flat-panel dynamic DR for hysterosalpingography can also make some patients with mild or moderate blockage of the fallopian tubes patented under pressurized push injection, which plays a certain therapeutic role.

Perlove 100μm dynamic flatbed DR integrates digital photography, digital fluoroscopy, digital imaging, large format HD spotting, video saving and playback, panoramic splicing and other functions, flexible and convenient operation, equipped with industry-leading 100μm high-quality dynamic flatbed, with spatial resolution of up to 5.0lp/mm, output image is clear and sharp, which is able to effectively capture more information about the lesions and reduce the leakage of diagnosis, Misdiagnosis, so that the diagnostic accuracy can be greatly improved.

Dynamic DR

Relying on advanced features such as visualized dot film and large HD format, flat-panel dynamic DR can be applied to a variety of infertility and other gynecological examinations. Currently, in medical institutions at home and abroad, the use of Dynamic DR for hysterosalpingography is the main method of checking for salpingitis, and at the same time has the therapeutic effect of separating adhesions, killing two birds with one stone. Undeniably, the emergence of multi-functional dynamic DR has further improved the level of gynecological imaging examination.


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