What are the application advantages of multi -functional image DR in anorectal examination


In recent years, with the development of X -ray imaging technology, the emergence of multi -functional images DR -visual dynamic DRF has enhanced the X -ray examination technology to improve the precise diagnosis of anorectal diseases. What are the application advantages of multi -functional image DR in anorectal examination? The low -doses of multi -functional images DR, continuing records, high -definition films, high -quality dynamic images and images of high -quality dynamic images and images are favored by the image of hospitals at all levels.

multi -functional image DR

Multifunctional image DR has obvious advantages in anorectal examination. First of all, 17 × 17 inches significant surface imaging. For large -scale imaging parts such as esophageal, stomach, intestines, colon, can be completed at one time, which greatly reduces the patient’s radiation dose and examination time. Compared with the intestinal machine, the quality of the image has been greatly improved.

Multi -functional image DR large surface imaging

At the same time, in real -time films can be used in the process of perspective to achieve fast -moving static image switching, especially in esophageal angiography, which can quickly capture the image of the lesion. It also has a video storage and playback function. After the patient’s examination is over, the video can still pass the video through the video Play the patient diagnosis without repeated examinations.

At present, the clinical examination of anorectal diseases includes electronic colon examination, anal ducts, rectal ultrasound, and X -ray pyrine. Compared with the previous two, the diagnosis of X -ray tadpole enema is also more accurate. It has more widespread clinical applications, and the subject of the subject is good, painless, and easy to accept.

Multi -functional image DR application scenario

In addition to the agent enema, multi -functional images DR is also suitable for gastrointestinal angiography, uterine fallopian tube angiography, etc. Performing the needs of the lower point and simple interventional treatment, it is fully applicable to clinical diagnosis of multiple departments such as hospital medical examinations, internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, trauma, and emergency department.

Gastrointestinal angiography HD image

It can be seen that multi -functional images DR can not only improve the accuracy of diagnosis and disease detection rate, but also reduce hospital costs, increase income, and improve the hospital’s comprehensive service capabilities.

The use of multi -functional image DR for anorectal disease examination has two outstanding characteristics of real -time and dynamicity. The inspection process is timely and accurate, the collection information is rich, the image is clear, and the observations are added with multiple angles. It can be more comprehensive and perfect. It can be randomly recorded and dynamic records of different parts and angles of the lesions in order to compare the analysis and research. As a real multifunctional perspective photography system, the dynamic DRF has a comprehensive general release function from digital photography to special angiography, which can achieve high -quality image effects and meet the diagnostic needs of high standards of various types and levels of medical institutions. The hospital’s later development provides core guarantees!


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