What are the application scenarios of Perlove Medical panel C-arm


Orthopedic small panel C-arm, is a kind of medical X-ray machine, as the name suggests, its shape is similar to the letter C. It is mainly used in hospital emergency rooms and operating rooms. Compared with the Shadow Increasing Small C, the Flatbed Small C has a lower radiation dose, a larger effective imaging area, and a higher imaging quality, which can better meet the needs of clinical use.

Orthopedics is a common department in major hospitals, and Perlove Medical orthopedic flatbed small C is mainly used in orthopedics, surgery and other departments, which can assist in orthopedic osteopathy, reset, nailing, and surgical implantation of pacemakers, removal of foreign objects, part of the imaging and local photography and other work. Some hospitals also use orthopedic flatbed small C for small needle knife treatment and gynecological fallopian tube guide surgery.

Orthopedic small panel C-arm application scene:

  1. Orthopedic general surgery

Provide clear images for orthopedic surgery, improve efficiency and safety when dealing with common orthopedic surgery such as bone-setting, resetting and nailing.

  1. Trauma Surgery

In the face of complex surgery, clear images can help doctors accurately implant screws, improve the success rate of surgery and reduce the probability of postoperative complications.

  1. Spine and joint surgery

It can be applied to conoplasty, elbow, hip and knee joint replacement and anatomical reset. It can help doctors accurately insert the prosthesis, shorten the operation time and improve the operation efficiency.

  1. Gynecology and obstetrics, pain

It can assist doctors to complete gynecological tubal blockage and recanalization surgery, and cooperate with ozone machine to treat pain, etc.; compact frame, light movement, simple operation, greatly improving the clinical operation experience.

As China’s high-end orthopaedic flat panel C-arm, Perlove Medical PLX119C series products using 30cm × 30cm large size dynamic flat panel detector, the C-arm with a wide range of imaging field of view, in the operation can easily identify the relationship between the adjacent tissue structure cases, effectively assisting the doctor to comprehensively and holistically understand and master the actual situation of the patient.
Perlove Medical orthopedic flat panel C-arm PLX119C series products are equipped with no network power standby function, after unplugging the power supply, the C-arm is in standby mode, standby state, turn on the power, the device can immediately return to normal use, without the need for a long time to switch on and off the waiting time. With the integrated rack design, the C-arm machine can realize quick turnaround, transfer to other operating rooms and quickly carry out another surgery. Two surgeries, smoothly connected, greatly improves work efficiency and easily responds to various emergencies.


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