What are the brands of suspension DR?


 DR is a common medical imaging diagnostic equipment, its in the chest, abdomen, head, extremities and other fields have great clinical value, especially orthopedics has become a larger DR just need, and even cover the whole spine, the whole lower extremity and other examinations. From the technical point of view, fixed DR is divided into U-arm DR, double column DR, and suspended DR.

Among them, U-arm and double column, for primary care, private medical and medical examination centers, public secondary hospitals, etc., the main focus of simple and easy to use; and suspended DR for secondary and higher hospitals, the main multi-functional and intelligent. Especially the high-end suspended DR, which represents the development height of DR, as well as the technology trend of DR.

In addition to high-definition large flat panel, high power, large heat capacity, high-end suspended DR also includes a high degree of automation, high degree of intelligence and other technical advantages. In this field, each hanging DR brand is still pushing forward, blossoming and unique, in a thriving trend.

Perlove Suspension DR

What about Perlove Suspension DR

As a professional DR equipment brand manufacturer in China, Perlead Medical launched the Suspension DR with 100μm high frame rate dynamic plate, dynamic examination frame rate up to 30 frames per second, so that dynamic fluoroscopy can also obtain high quality diagnostic images comparable to static plate; static photography effective pixels up to 18 million, spatial resolution up to 5.0lp/mm, in the ultra-high pixel and ultra-clear image With the support of ultra-high pixel and ultra-clear image resolution, it can quickly obtain more high-definition, low-dose high-quality images, and can display tissue images very clearly even when zooming in for diagnosis. At the same time, it adopts dynamic and static dual-plate configuration, which can realize millisecond-level plate selection switching, dedicated plate, efficient and professional, and with the flexible movement of the suspension mechanical structure, it can easily realize the free conversion of multi-position shooting and greatly improve the efficiency of clinical examination.

Intelligent bed lift design, large range of movement, easily cope with the old, young, sick, disabled or mobility problems of clinical examination, the bed can achieve up and down, front and back, left and right six-way floating, to bring more comfortable examination experience for patients and health care workers.

Suspended DR intelligent lifting bed design

Chest film position, lying position bulb and detector can be automatically tracked and aligned; bulb touch screen near the table to open the examination, intuitive display of patient information, exposure parameters and positional prompts, support for two-way synchronization of patient position protocols under the established medical record; fully automatic electric beam limiter, can automatically adjust the irradiation field according to different position protocols, a higher degree of intelligence, greatly enhancing the efficiency of the examination; AEC function Automatic control of exposure time, can make different parts, different patients shot images, with the same amount of light sensitivity, reduce the difficulty of physician operation.

Suspended DR panoramic stitching imaging

It can take segmented images of the spine, lower extremities and lower extremity venograms, and then stitch the segmented images together to show the whole spine or lower extremities on one X-ray image, providing high-precision images for clinical purposes.

Product Line

With customer focus and dedication to pursue professional, intelligent and humanized medical imaging comprehensive solutions, Perlove continues to invest in technology development and product upgrades, and has formed a product line covering a wide range of models such as dynamic flat panel DRF, dynamic DRdigital gastrointestinal machine, flat panel DR and other series. Perlove Suspension DR is carefully built to solve the clinical pain points, making intelligent changes in image quality, posing operation and workflow to fully meet the needs of clinical examination in medical institutions at all levels.


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