What are the characteristics of medical imaging technology capabilities in suspended DR?


Epidemic raids, uneven distribution of resources, growing demand …… These issues are challenging the existing healthcare system.2022 On April 20, 2022, the National Health Commission issued the “List of County Hospitals for Comprehensive Capacity Enhancement of County Hospitals in the “Thousand County Project” ( (hereinafter referred to as the “List of County Hospitals”), which specifies the county hospitals that will participate in the “Thousand County Project” county hospitals’ comprehensive capacity enhancement work, marking the full launch of the “Thousand County Project” county hospitals’ comprehensive capacity enhancement work

As an important part of the capacity building of county hospitals, the construction of medical imaging technology departments is an important part of the capacity building of county hospitals. Digital radiography, as a widely used medical imaging examination program, has irreplaceable advantages in the examination of chest, abdomen and spinal joint diseases.

The current digital radiography examination equipment can be divided into the following DR mechanical structure types according to the different mechanical structure design: U-arm DR, double column DR, suspended DR and bedside DR, among which, the balloon arm of suspended DR is suspended from the roof, and the suspended head combines with the multi-angle free movement of the camera bed and the electric elevation of the chest film frame, which can easily realize all kinds of digital photography and chest film shooting in the upright/recumbent position, and greatly improve the work efficiency. It also greatly improves the working efficiency.

Suspended DR

The specific embodiment of the following aspects:

The suspension has a wide range of motion, and the cylinder can be lifted up and down and move horizontally and vertically along the overhead rail to meet various positions for shooting. When encountering patients with limited mobility and difficulty in posing, the suspension’s flexible and high-precision rack system and retractable balloon system can meet the needs of a variety of positions for shooting.

The head of the machine adopts touch screen control, which can easily realize the posing function of one-key chest film position and one-key under-bed position, and complete the free switching between chest film position and under-bed position, and shoot faster.

The frame design is very flexible and highly motorized, and the head, chest film frame and camera bed film box are automatically tracked.

Workflow optimization, sub-interface operation for outpatients and emergency patients, full consideration of the actual use of clinical, emergency mode can ensure that the patient directly first filming, and then improve the information, which wins the time for first aid.

As a radiological examination equipment with a large shooting range and flexible mechanical movement, and equipped with additional functions such as motorized movement, automatic tracking, and one-key positioning, the suspension DR can quickly improve the diagnosis and treatment efficiency and optimize the technician’s workflow in practical application. It should be the first choice of medical institutions when the conditions of capital and machine room permit.


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