What are the clinical advantages of Mobile DR?


Mobile DR is a kind of DR, DR equipment is the abbreviation of digital direct imaging system, compared with the traditional X-ray imaging, DR has the advantages of clearer image, lower radiation, faster examination speed, higher examination success rate. Mobile DR is the DR that can be moved, with better mobility, can be directly completed in the ward exposure, support a number of bedside imaging examination.

Simply put, the use of mobile DR is mainly for some special patients, due to the traditional X-ray machine products are large in size and heavy, they will be placed in a fixed room is already very difficult, want to move them is even more difficult. For some patients who can not move independently because of serious illness, need to carry out X-ray examination, may need to go through a great deal of trouble, not only for the patient, but also difficult to care for the patient’s family members and medical staff, and even the patient may be in the process of moving some accidents.

With mobile DR, it can be pushed directly to the patient’s bedside to take photographs of the patient. Because of the advantages of easy movement, easy operation and fast imaging, mobile DR has been widely used to a certain extent.

PLX5300 Mobile DR

PLX5100 is compact and lightweight, which can be adapted to most application scenarios; PLX5200 is a “multi-faceted”, smarter and more powerful; in 2021, when the epidemic situation is more complicated and volatile, PAM combines the market demand with its own R & D strengths, and also launched a high-power mobile DR that is suitable for a wide range of clinical needs. Compared with the previous model, PLX5300 has what improvements from performance to clinical application?

High-power, multi-body, multi-site shooting

PLX5300 mobile DR adopts high-power split high-frequency high-voltage generator with stable high-voltage output, which can output high-quality X-rays stably together with the bulb tube to meet the needs of shooting in multiple body positions and provide a guarantee for obtaining clear clinical images.

PLX5300 Mobile DR–High Power

Flexible and mobile, ready for use

PLX5300 mobile DR has a compact body and can be used flexibly in hospital corridors, wards, ICUs, outpatient clinics, emergency departments and other scenarios. At the same time, it adopts a dual-wheel, dual-drive electric power assisted drive system, which makes it easy to implement and realize zero-radius turning, making it easy to move in a narrow space. With the combination of dual motors and delicate mechanical design, female operators can also easily push it with one hand.

PLX5300 Mobile DR – Electric Power Drive System

Compact and Lightweight Clinical Positioning with Less Effort

PLX5300 mobile DR adopts the design of electric motor frame, which can realize the functions of wide-range rotation of the column and free expansion and contraction of the cross arm. The head of the machine can realize no-dead-angle rotation coverage, and can complete shooting in a narrow space to meet the needs of clinical positioning.

PLX5300 Mobile DR–Motor frame design

All-in-one touch screen workstation with intelligent control

PLX5300 mobile DR adopts large-size LCD touch screen, equipped with special image processing software with humanized graphical interactive interface, icons at a glance, which can effectively shorten the break-in period between medical staff and the machine, and quickly get into work.

PLX5300 Mobile DR–Large-size LCD Touch Screen

In addition, PLX5300 Mobile DR is equipped with a 17×17-inch wireless large flat panel, which can cover the shooting needs of patients of all sizes and obtain complete information about the patient area when shooting, avoiding accidents of missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis that may be caused by insufficient field of view of the small flat panel! It makes the doctor’s diagnosis more comprehensive and avoids unnecessary troubles. In the shooting of ordinary size patients, the large-size plate also makes the doctor’s operation more comfortable and quicker when posing, improve work efficiency.


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