What are the clinical application effects of mobile C-arm?


According to the results of the seventh national census, my country’s population aged 60 and above has reached 264 million. It is expected that this number will exceed 300 million during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, and my country will enter the stage of moderate aging from mild aging. In order to protect the basic life of the elderly, many policies and measures have been introduced. Among them, the focus is on the aspect of geriatric medical care, and by increasing the medical level and facilities of grassroots units and hospitals, the problem of difficult medical treatment for the elderly will be solved.

The elderly often suffer from orthopedic diseases. Because of the decline in exercise ability and the underlying diseases, accidents are prone to occur once excessive exercise is increased. Therefore, the number of orthopedic outpatient clinics in major hospitals continues to rise. During an orthopedic examination, you will see the device’s mobile C-arm. What kind of effect will it have when it is used clinically?

The mobile C-arm and the workstation adopt an integrated design, the frame structure is compact, the floor area is small, and the movement is flexible and light. One person can complete the operation, suitable for use in crowded operating rooms, saving operating room space, and facilitating the clinical operation of doctors. In addition to the above advantages, what else is there?

1. Smart operation is convenient and fast

    1. Casually balanced design. The frame of the C-arm can be hovered at any angle in the unlocked state, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

    2. Touch operation screen. It adopts high-quality large-size touch operation screen, which has high sensitivity and flexible rotation, which is convenient for clinicians to perform multi-angle touch operation.

    3. No grid power standby design. It can realize the off-grid standby transition between multiple operating rooms, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the equipment.

    2. Low doses are safer

    1. With low dose mode. Low-dose exposure parameters are set to meet various clinical needs, and unnecessary radiation doses are strictly controlled.

    2. High frequency inverter technology. Eliminate the generation of soft rays from the source, ensure accurate radiation dose control, and effectively protect the health of doctors and patients.

    3. Intelligent frequency conversion technology. Automatically adjust the image frame rate according to the body part and radiation dose, and reduce the radiation dose while ensuring the image quality.

    4. With DAP dose display. DAP dose display can directly observe the dose during the use of the machine.

    In addition to the many applications of mobile C-arms in orthopaedics, what diseases can be checked?

    1. Trauma surgery. For example, in the internal fixation of limb and pelvic fractures, the image is clear and accurate positioning and screw placement can be performed. The simple operation can greatly shorten the fluoroscopy time and reduce the probability of intraoperative and postoperative complications.

    2. Spine and joint surgery. Mainly used in vertebroplasty, elbow, hip, knee joint replacement and anatomical reduction positioning. It can assist in the accurate placement of the prosthesis and reduce the radiation dose.

    3. Obstetrics and gynecology, pain department. For example, recanalization of fallopian tube blockage in gynecology, pain treatment with ozone machine in pain department, etc.; compact frame, easy to exercise, simple to operate, and convenient for doctors to use.

    The above mainly introduces the clinical application and advantages of the mobile C-arm. In fact, as the scope of clinical applications expands, its advantages will become more prominent, and with the support of policies, the market competitiveness of the mobile C-arm will continue to rise. At present, many brands and manufacturers are constantly entering the market, so when choosing, it is necessary to compare more and choose a suitable product. If you are interested in the mobile C-arm products of Perlove Medical,pls contact us soon


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