What are the clinical applications of flatbed mid-C-arms in interventional therapeutics?


Interventional radiology, also known as interventional radiology, is an emerging discipline that integrates diagnostic imaging and clinical treatment, which refers to the minimally invasive treatment of lesions in the human body by using puncture needles, catheters, and other interventional devices through the body’s natural orifices or tiny incisions under the guidance and monitoring of imaging equipment (such as C-arm in flat panel, CT, MRI, or B ultrasound). A series of technology of the general term.

C-arm in perlove medical flatbed

At present, interventional therapy has become the three pillars of clinical disciplines alongside traditional internal medicine and surgery. Interventional therapy advantages:

Compared with internal medicine

Drugs can act directly on the lesion site, not only greatly improve the concentration of drugs in the lesion site, but also reduce the amount of drugs, reduce the side effects of drugs.

Compared with surgery

No need for incision;
Local anesthesia can be used, reducing the risk of anesthesia;
Faster recovery and less impact on normal organs of the body;
Limit the chemotherapy drugs to the lesion, reducing side effects.

Clinical Imaging ofPerlove’s Flatbed C-Arm

Flat-panel C-arm has its own unique advantages in interventional clinical use. It does not need a special room and power supply, hospitals do not need to do power transformation, the general environment of the laminar flow operating room conditions can meet the installation and use of the requirements. Because of its appropriate power, rich application functions and ultra-high cost-effective, compared with the high operating costs of the large C, flat-panel C-arm is more able to meet the needs of the clinical application of hospital specialties.

The 25kW high-power design of Perlove’s flat-panel medium C-arm meets the need for high-power instantaneous exposure during digital photography, effectively ensures the clarity of digital subtraction images, and is particularly suitable for peripheral intervention and comprehensive interventional diagnosis and treatment clinical applications.


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