What are the Factors that Affect C Arm Machine Price?


C-arm machines are used for various hospital operations such as surgical, orthopaedic and cardiovascular services. If you need a C-arm in your medical facility, you need to choose quality C-arm machines that will help you do those procedures easily and ensure that you produce the right results for the patients. You need to search well to know the best C-arm to purchase, given that there are many brands that you can buy.

One of the considerations you will make when buying a C-arm is the price. The price of a C-arm machine range from 20,000 to 250,000 dollars. You should therefore have a budget to ensure you spend according to your plans. But what affects the price of C-arm machines?

Factors Affecting the Price of the C-arm system

There are different aspects that determine the price of a C-arm machine. Let’s look at some of them;

The Models of the C-arm

There are different models of C-arm systems on the market and each model is unique. This uniqueness is an important factor that distinguishes the price of one model from the others. Therefore, you just need to look at the model you want and check the price according to your budget.

New, Refurbished or Used C-arm Systems

This is a major factor that may determine the amount you will pay for the C-arm you want to purchase. if you buy a new C-arm system, you should expect to pay more than when buying a refurbished or used C-arm system. The good thing about a new C-arm machine is that you will be the first to use it, so you can be sure it has a longer warranty and will be in good condition.

If you are buying a refurbished C-arm machine, you also should be prepared to pay more than when purchasing a used C-arm machine. You should, however, know that while a refurbished C-arm system is not as good as a brand new one, it has been tested and proven to be in good condition compared to a used one.

A used C-arm is the cheapest of the three. The problem with a used C-arm is that you can’t be sure it’s working well and why the seller decided to sell.

The Quality of the C-arm System

Quality is a very important factor that will affect the price of the C-arm machine. Some C-arm brands are more quality than others, which is why they will have higher prices. Buying quality C-arm systems is essential because you can be sure the machine will serve you for a long time and give you correct results.

The Size of the C-arm

Small C-arms and large C-arms, the prices of these two types of C-arms are different. So, if you are considering buying a C-arm, make sure you choose the size you need. If you buy a large C-arm that works the same as the small C-arm, it is not necessary because you will end up paying more for no good reason.

Flat-Panel Detector or Image Intensifier?

The images produced by a flat-panel detector are better than those produced by image intensifiers. A flat panel detector has a larger field of vision and higher image quality compared to an image intensifier. Even when you magnify the image, the quality remains the same, unlike when you magnify the image of the image intensifier, which gets distorted.


Ensure that the OR is compatible with your C-arm machine. This is very important since you need to purchase a C-arm system that will charge well without developing problems or causing accidents. The power voltage of drops and spikes can be risky to your C-arm, so check this out.

Functions of C-arm Machine

Imaging is one of the main procedures done in a medical facility to examine the patient’s condition. The C-arm machine helps surgeons do their operations well and safely. Besides, the C-arm machine gives the best 3D images that help urologists, orthopaedics, surgeons, etc., offer quality services to their patients. Moreover, the 3D images help know the patients’ problems on time, avoiding future complications.

Final Thoughts

Price is an important factor when buying a C-arm. However, you need to know other aspects should be given the first priority, like quality, functionality, durability etc.

There will be no need to buy a cheap C-arm system that will serve you for a year or two and get damaged when you can buy a C-arm system that can serve you for over 10 years. You have to look at the factors that affect the price of the C-arm before you jump to buy a cheap C-arm system.


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