What are the features of a digital gastrointestinal machine?


Digital gastrointestinal machine and DR machine are commonly used in the hospital imaging equipment, both in the function of the similarities, so there will be people to the digital gastrointestinal machine as DR equipment to use, then the digital gastrointestinal machine can really be used as a DR? The answer is yes, the difference between digital gastrointestinal machine and DR is not big.

First of all, DR is the abbreviation of digital direct imaging system, than the traditional X-ray imaging with a clearer image, lower radiation, faster inspection speed, inspection success rate is higher.

The digital flatbed gastrointestinal machine belongs to one kind of multi-function X-ray machine, which has all the functions of the traditional gastrointestinal machine and all the functions of DR flatbed detector X-ray photography, which is mainly used for the digestive tract contrast imaging, digestive swallowing imaging, full spinal splicing photography, full lower extremity splicing photography, ERCP, urography, “T” tube Urography, “T” tube, barium enema, limb imaging, hysterosalpingography and other types of examinations.

In other words, digital gastrointestinal machine is a new type of multi-purpose X-ray diagnostic machine that integrates DR digital filming and digital fluoroscopy and imaging, so it can be used as DR.

Can a digital gastrointestinal machine be used as a DR?

For example, brand digital gastrointestinal machine PLD5500B, it has both digital fluoroscopy, digital imaging and conventional film function, using it can be chest and abdominal fluoroscopy, gastrointestinal imaging, genitourinary imaging, cholangiography, and lower extremity venous and other imaging; can be carried out for the skull, chest, abdomen and limbs and other parts of the general photography; can also be used for fracture repair under fluoroscopy, take foreign body It can also be used for fracture revision and foreign body removal under fluoroscopy. Due to the use of large thermal capacity balloon, this digital gastrointestinal machine has good heat dissipation performance, and can meet the needs of hospitals with a large workload of examination.


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