What are the important parameters of a C-arm X-ray machine?


As a necessary equipment in the operating room, C-arm X-ray machine can be used for real-time dynamic imaging during surgery, and is widely used in orthopedics, traumatology, urology, vascular surgery and other fields. With the continuous progress of flat-panel detectors and other technologies, C-arm imaging systems continue to upgrade, the domestic C-arm industry into the fast lane of development.

A C-arm X-ray machine equipment is good or bad, depends largely on some of its important parameters.What are the important parameters of C-arm X-ray machine?

1. Size of flat panel detector

The larger the size of the flat panel detector, the larger the imaging field of view that can be obtained. 21CM x 21CM flat panel, generally only 3.5 lumbar vertebrae can be imaged. The 30CM x 30CM flat panel detector used in the PLX119C is capable of rendering 5 lumbar vertebrae in one exposure.

2.C-arm opening calibre

The opening calibre and arc depth of the C-arm affect the ease of intraoperative acquisition and positioning.

Generally speaking, the opening calibre of the C-arm should be greater than 78cm and the arc depth greater than 73cm.

3.C-arm rotational range along the track

Large rotational range to meet the needs of all-round image acquisition.

≥130°(-40°to + 90°) belongs to smaller size, ≥190°(≥- 95°- ≥+ 95°) belongs to larger size.

4.Maximum Output Power

Higher power X-rays can penetrate deeper into the tissue, resulting in clearer and more accurate images. This parameter is very important for some parts that need to be observed deeply.

5.Tube, high-voltage generator and other major components are the same brand.

Some hospitals in the procurement of C-arm X-ray machine, will also require C-arm X-ray machine equipment, the main components are produced by the original manufacturer, which is for the C-arm X-ray machine equipment for operational stability considerations. At present, there are not many C-arm X-ray machine manufacturers with core parts production capacity in China, Perlove Medical is one of them, after twenty years of technical accumulation,Perlove Medical currently has independent R&D and manufacturing capabilities for tubes and high-voltage generators.


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