What are the main advantages of mobile DR?


As one of the important equipments in the daily work of imaging department, mobile DR plays a very important role in the examination and diagnosis of critical, emergency and serious patients in isolation ward, ICU, emergency room, respiratory department and CDC, which wins time for the diagnosis and treatment of serious patients.

In addition to its application in many departments in hospitals, mobile DR plays an important role in bedside photography. It is playing an increasingly important role in the examination and diagnosis of critically ill and immobile patients. It not only wins time for the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients, but also provides great convenience for patients who are not suitable for activities.

As the mobile DR has the function of real-time imaging, the image can be seen on the monitor in 3~5s after exposure, so that it can quickly determine whether the patient’s casting position is correct. And the waste image that does not meet the diagnostic requirements can be immediately selected to give up and re-photograph. Therefore, in surgery, can effectively help doctors in the process of surgery to observe the patient’s condition changes put forward higher requirements, the importance of mobile DR in surgery is also increasingly obvious.

As a manufacturer of mobile DR equipment, Perlove Medical sells a variety of models of mobile DR equipment, including: PLX5200, PLX5300 and PLX5500 series, etc. So, what are the advantages of utilizing mobile DR to take pictures?

1. Large-size flat panel detector: PLX5300 adopts a large-size wireless flat panel detector of 17×17 inches, which provides a wide field of view and easy positioning.

2. Integrated workstation. Equipped with an integrated workstation that integrates the image acquisition system and the X-ray generator control system, which is easy and fast to operate.

3. Flexible movement. Adopting dual-wheel, dual-drive electric power system, it is easy to implement, and can realize zero-radius turning, which is convenient to move in a narrow space.

4. Small radiation dose: PLX5300 adopts double-exposure design, and can be operated in a compartment by using the exposure remote control, which effectively achieves distance protection against radiation, and the clinical application is convenient and free, which greatly protects the medical personnel from the harm of ionizing radiation.

5. Intelligent control interface, convenient operation. All-in-one workstation is equipped with a large-size high-definition touch screen, fast touch response, clear screen imaging. The workstation is equipped with PUAI self-developed special image processing software, with a number of essential clinical functions.


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