What are the respective advantages and disadvantages of Suspension DR, U-Arm DR and Table DR?


Digital radiography (DR) is a widely used medical imaging examination program with irreplaceable application advantages in the examination of diseases of the chest, abdomen, and spinal joints.

The current digital radiography equipment, according to the DR mechanical structure can be divided into hanging DR, U-arm DR, double column DR and other types, the following to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of hanging DR, U-arm DR and double column DR.

Suspension DR

Suspended DR adopts the design of suspended mechanical structure, and the arm of its bulb tube is suspended on the roof.

Advantages of Suspension DR: High degree of intelligence, flexible movement of the flat plate bulb tube, and support for 360° all-around free and unobstructed positioning for film ingestion.

Disadvantages of suspension DR: complex configuration of components, high installation requirements, high failure rate of suspension arm motor and travel switch, expensive price, high maintenance cost.

U-arm DR

The mechanical structure of U-arm DR is similar to the English letter “U“, also called U-arm digital X-ray machine.

Advantages of U-arm DR: small footprint, low requirements for installation conditions, and relatively inexpensive.

Disadvantages of U-arm DR: the balloon can not play angle, limiting some of the clinical applications, as well as the chest / bed position changeover time is longer, in the case of a large number of films, non-stop conversion of the two positions is slightly troublesome.

Table DR

Table DR adopts a dual-column design, with components including an X-ray bed, an X-ray generator column, and a detector column.

Advantages of double-column DR: compact structure, simple operation, switching between vertical and horizontal positions with electric assistance, small space requirements, easy to install, and few mechanical failures.

Disadvantages of double column DR: the shooting angle of some positions is limited.

The above is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of suspension DR, U-arm DR and double column DR, and this information will help us reasonably purchase DR equipment. For large comprehensive hospitals, suspension DR can maximize the demand for filming; double column DR is more commonly used in medical examination centers, CDC and medical examination vehicles and other scenes; and U-arm DR is generally favored by the grass-roots hospitals and township health centers, such as this large field of view dynamic flatbed DR machine PLX8600, its breakthrough 17 * 34 inches of dynamic flatbed, to achieve the whole plate shooting without Splicing; fully motorized U-arm frame, with 170 ° large range of rotation angle, compact body fully space-saving; a machine multi-purpose, to meet the whole body digital photography, digital fluoroscopy, digital imaging and other inspection needs, to reduce the cost of hospital equipment investment.


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