What benefits can a large field of view flat panel dynamic DR bring to the clinic?


In the hospital, DR as a radiology commonly used examination tools, in the diagnosis as well as the treatment of disease plays an important role, with the development of imaging equipment technology, flat panel dynamic DR as a new type of X-ray equipment is gradually replacing the conventional DR, to become an important X-ray examination equipment in medical institutions at all levels.

As a new generation of intelligent imaging equipment professionally designed for the multifunctional diagnostic needs of medical institutions Putonghua, Perlove Medical PLX8600 is a super-large field of view multifunctional flat-panel dynamic DR, with 17*34 inches dynamic flat-panel, and the whole plate is shot without splicing, presenting a more accurate image of the long bones. It realizes multidisciplinary and multifunctional applications in the real sense, such as all kinds of routine X-ray examination, digestive examination, orthopedic examination, gynecology, pediatrics examination and so on.

Application Departments

Orthopedics, traumatology, spine orthopedics, radiology and interventional medicine, etc.


Automated digital photography, continuous fluoroscopy, pulse adaptation, point film


Large field of view, one-time imaging without splicing, reducing the number of shots, shortening the shooting time, and reducing the radiation dose absorption of patients.

Scope of application

Total Spine Imaging

It is used for whole spine photography, providing accurate 2D images for clinic, supporting whole spine oblique fluoroscopic diagnosis, facilitating the observation of the isthmus of the arch root, and diagnosing whether the lumbar spine is slipped or not. For example: congenital scoliosis, kyphosis, multi-segmental spinal trauma, etc. In addition, the large field of view dynamic fluoroscopy function is also quite advantageous in the clinical application of total spinal myelography.

Physical Examination

Dynamic large-field imaging can be used for physical examination, with a larger dynamic observation range and more comprehensive initial screening to meet the needs of large-volume physical examination.

Double lower extremity imaging

It is used for large field photography for preoperative diagnosis and postoperative review of longer intramedullary nailing for limb fracture with traumatic bow | up.

Large Field of View Flat Panel Dynamic DR

Joint Motion Imaging

Double lower extremity joint motion dynamic photography and digital dynamic imaging and other large field of view clinical applications.

PLX8600 large field of view dynamic flatbed DR can be photographed, can be fluoroscopic, can be contrasted, a wide range of clinical applications, to meet the needs of clinical photography. Compared with the conventional multi-photography and then software splicing DR on the market, PLX8600 Large Field Dynamic Flatbed DR solves the problems of uneven density, image alignment and magnification effect at the spliced image, and the integrated frame, simple and fast positioning, with the advantages of low aberration rate, high measurement accuracy, good image quality, no splicing traces, etc. This DR not only combines the advantages of the conventional multi-photography and software splicing on the market, but also provides a wide range of clinical applications, such as photography, fluoroscopy, and imaging. This DR not only integrates the functions of 1717 inches dynamic DR on the market, in addition to its unique 1734 inches large dynamic field of view, which brings high value to clinical applications, reduces the cost of equipment investment in hospitals, and obtains greater benefits.


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