What do you need to pay attention to in the daily maintenance of mobile DR machine?


Mobile DR machine as a bedside X-ray machine, a convenient solution to the problem due to the patient is not convenient to move to the radiology machine room but need to take pictures, often in the ICU, neonatology, inpatient hospitalization building and other places to use. Mobile DR in the daily use of the process is very prone to all kinds of failure, so the daily maintenance of DR equipment is very important and necessary, because it will directly affect the use of DR and inspection. So the mobile DR machine daily maintenance to pay attention to what matters? Next let’s take a look.

First, pay attention to the use of mobile DR machine environment

Because the accuracy of the mobile DR machine requirements are very strict, so the requirements for its use of the environment also need to accurately control. Should keep the temperature of the DR room at about 23 ℃, floating not more than 1 ℃. And the relative humidity should be kept at about 50%, and the fluctuation should not be more than 5%.

Strict control of temperature and humidity is to control the DR equipment will be because of the temperature and humidity is not appropriate and may appear in the thermal system triggered by overheating protection, the shooting of images appearing artifacts, and even more serious balloon length decline, circuit board damage and other phenomena. In the control of the DR room conditions at the same time, should pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment itself, if a failure is found, should be the first time to carry out maintenance work to maintain its normal operation.

Second, the mobile DR machine dust work

Dust into the machine, such as computers, etc., will affect its operating speed, serious damage to the motherboard, CPU, etc., so when the dust into the DR class of precision instruments, its impact will be even more enormous, so regular maintenance of mobile DR machine dust inside is quite necessary, DR dust mainly involves, including the mainframe chassis, flat panel detector and beam.

  1. The host chassis open, remove the internal filter, the filter attached to the dust removal is complete, to be completely dry after the moisture can be installed back into the host chassis;
  2. Dusting of the flat panel detector, the flat panel detector will be opened, the left side of the cooling fan to dust, mainly using a brush to brush, you can also use a small blower to dust;
  3. Beamer dust, open the cover, and in addition to the dust on the cover and beamer internal heat dissipation fan at the dust.

Third, the daily maintenance of flat panel detector

Flat panel detector is a mobile DR machine can directly affect the quality of the equipment to take pictures of the parts. Its daily maintenance needs to be more accurate and strict to ensure that the photos taken by the DR is a true reflection of the patient’s physical condition.

By dusting and calibrating the flat detector, the quality of its work can be guaranteed. If, in the process, the flat detector is found to be unable to be calibrated, it means that it has been damaged and needs to be contacted and repaired by professional maintenance personnel in a timely manner.

Because modern western medicine for disease analysis, mostly based on a variety of test results, so to ensure the normal operation of the DR equipment is very important. The above is the introduction of mobile DR machine daily maintenance precautions, I hope this article is helpful to you.

Mobile DR machine

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