What does dynamic digital DR check? The advantages of Perlove dynamic digital DR in the medical examination department


What does dynamic digital DR examine? Dynamic digital DR is a kind of radiological examination, which is widely used nowadays. It is a kind of photography through digital system on the basis of x-ray plain film, mainly examining lung, pleura, mediastinum, ribs, clavicle, spine and thoracic spine and other diseases. Doctors can perform digital photography according to the patient’s specific situation to improve the accuracy of diagnosis.

Advantages of dynamic digital DR examinations:

Dynamic digital DR irradiation dose is low, radiation to the human body is extremely small, resolution is high, exposure imaging time is extremely short, patient’s examination speed is significantly increased, reducing the patient’s waiting time. Imaging links are significantly reduced, avoiding the loss of image information, allowing early detection of disease and improving the accuracy of image diagnosis. Post-processing is powerful, such as a chest film can be processed into a lung tissue film and a bony thorax film at the same time, i.e. bone and flesh separation imaging technology, which greatly improves the accuracy of image diagnosis. It can be saved permanently, online at all times, text and images can be stored and exchanged in digital form and transmitted through the network, and the film can be diagnosed by remote imaging and examination reports can be issued without film.

 Dynamic digital DR as a basic, commonly used imaging equipment, but also one of the necessary equipment for the medical examination department. The medical examination department has a large flow of people, and the requirements for filming equipment are relatively more stringent. Since its entry into the market, Perlove’s dynamic digital DR– multifunctional dynamic flat panel DRF has been favored by medical examination departments at all levels for its stable performance, clear images, fast imaging and many other advantages, especially excellent performance in dealing with large-scale, high-circulation examinations!

So, which functional advantages of Perlove dynamic digital DR are more prominent in the performance of the physical examination department?

Dynamic static extremely fast switching, accurate capture of lesions

Unlike conventional DR, which can only perform flat film photography, Perlove’s dynamic digital DR is both dynamic and static, and can achieve large-format low-dose fluoroscopy. In daily medical examinations, such as chest and lung examinations, visual observation and multi-angle rotation of lesions in overlapping areas can be performed, and high-definition spot films can be completed instantly when suspected lesions are found, significantly improving the accuracy of diagnosis.

The dynamic acquisition frame rate can reach up to 30 fps, and the image is delicate and smooth, which facilitates the doctor’s observation of subtle lesions. 17×17-inch large-format imaging can achieve wide coverage of the patient’s chest and abdomen during fluoroscopy, which facilitates the overall observation of tissue information and captures lesions more comprehensively and accurately.

High-end image chain configuration, fast HD imaging

Perlove’s dynamic digital DR adopts the original imported large heat capacity high-speed bulb tube and dual focus configuration to ensure the stability of the X-ray source and long time continuous use, even if a large number of continuous filming can easily cope with, to meet the needs of the medical examination department large flow of examination; ultra-high power high-frequency high voltage generator, the X-ray issued by higher quality, more accurate, effectively reduce the unnecessary radiation generated by soft rays and overexposure, easily cope with Obese body type examiners clinical examination needs, with advanced pulse fluoroscopy technology, so as to ensure image quality under the premise of lower radiation dose.

Multi-dimensional motion design, easy and convenient examination

The automatic design of Perlove’s dynamic digital DR, such as free movement of the spotting device, free tilting of the bed, lateral movement of the bed, and 360-degree infinite rotation of the foot pedal, realizes the “motorized human motionless” position, which not only greatly improves the efficiency of a single examination, but also brings a more comfortable examination experience to patients and medical personnel. examination experience. At the same time, the SID can be automatically stretched to 1.8 meters to meet the needs of chest X-ray, occupational pneumoconiosis examination and other photographic needs; bed panel load capacity of up to 200KG, easily cope with the clinical examination of large weight personnel, safety is guaranteed.

SID stretches freely

In short, Perlove dynamic digital DR has the function of visualization operation, which can effectively reduce missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, while integrating conventional filming, gastrointestinal, fluoroscopy and imaging in one, truly realizing the rapid positioning and fine diagnosis of lesions, thus providing a reliable basis for accurate diagnosis in the medical examination department; efficient and convenient operating system and unique DAP dose monitoring system, which can effectively enhance the efficiency of the examination while also It enables doctors to have an intuitive understanding of radiation dose, brings more intimate care for the health of doctors and patients, and effectively helps to improve the service capacity of the medical examination department!


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