What exactly are the advantages of the mobile flat panel C-arm Perlove Medical PLX118F-Plus?


Mobile flat panel C-arm is referred to as flat panel C-arm, also known as small C-arm, orthopedic C-arm, refers to the X-ray imaging equipment with a C-shaped frame, which is used for real-time dynamic imaging in surgery. It is the GPS in modern orthopedic surgery, which quickly and accurately helps doctors to understand the internal condition of the patient’s body and further make diagnosis and treatment. With the development of radiological medical imaging technology, clinical requirements for mobile flatbed C-arms have become higher.

Perlove Medical has been deeply cultivating in the field of C-arm X-ray machines for many years, and owns a number of relevant invention patents and mature technologies. The company launched the mobile flat C-arm PLX118F in 2017, and the sales volume has been increasing since the product was launched, which has been well received by the majority of users.

After a long time of market polishing and integrating a large number of user feedback, in October 2022, Pewrlove Medical launched the new product PLX118F-Plus, which significantly improves the performance of the product, and the operation is more in line with the clinical needs.

Mobile flat panel C-arm

The strength of mobile flat panel C-arm PLX118F-Plus is revealed.

The clinical application scope of PLX118F-Plus can be applied in orthopedics, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, trauma surgery, urology, spine surgery, pain surgery, gastroenterology, oncology, obstetrics and gynecology and other departments.

1、Imported high-resolution flat panel detector

Perlove Medical mobile flat panel C-arm Plus series with high-end imported flat panel detector, higher spatial resolution makes the clinical image clearer and sharper, higher density resolution makes the image of different tissues clearer, and stronger signal processing capability allows the device to present high-quality images with a lower dose.

2、Fast and dynamic image processing platform

The mobile flat-panel C-arm Plus series adopts the unique GPU-based Rapid Dynamic Image Processing and Display Platform (RCDPS), through which multi-resolution analysis and enhancement of images are performed, so that the performance of the device is greatly improved in terms of imaging speed, image post-processing, image display, image transmission, image resolution adjustment and image information display.

Mobile flat panel C-arm

3、Multilayer image processing technology

Image post-processing adopts multi-layer image processing technology, the image after exposure is automatically layered processing, greatly reducing the impact of noise on the image to ensure that the presentation of each image.

4、Rayless exposure preview function

When the C-arm is shooting the lateral position of the spine, the quality of the image will be seriously affected by the retention of too much blank area, and then it is necessary to adjust the range of the exposure field of view. When the traditional C-arm is adjusting the field of view, the doctor can not observe the field of view adjustment, and can only adjust it by observing the image after exposure, which is inefficient and causes unnecessary radiation.

The mobile flat-panel C-arm Plus series is equipped with a ray exposure preview function, which gives the doctor a hint of the exposure field of view on the monitor, so that the doctor can confirm the size of the exposure area without exposure and improve clinical work efficiency.

Mobile flat panel C-arm

  1. Large touch screen for near table operation

When performing complex surgeries such as pedicle screw internal fixation, doctors need to monitor the surgical process in real time and make multiple exposures for observation, so the near-table operation function of the device is particularly important.

The mobile flat-panel C-arm Plus series is equipped with a large-size color touch screen that can be sensitively controlled even with surgical gloves on, helping the surgeon to achieve near-table operation. The screen is equipped with a human image system, key functions at a glance, to help doctors quickly adjust the exposure parameters at the operating bedside, greatly improving the efficiency of the equipment exposure work.

6、Sturdy and durable injection molded cable

C-arm is one of the most frequent activities in the operating room equipment, frequent movement is very easy to cause damage to all parts of the equipment connected to the cable.

Mobile flat panel C-arm Plus series adopts stronger and more durable injection molding cable, cable quality, to ensure stable operation of the equipment; toughness, not easy to damage, saving the maintenance cost of the equipment in the process of the later use, at the same time, the surface of the injection molding cable is more smooth, easy to clean and aseptic treatment of the equipment maintenance personnel.

Mobile flat panel C-arm

7、Tidy and practical appearance design

Infection is one of the main causes of surgical complications, and in serious cases, it even jeopardizes the patient’s life. C-arms are often shuttled to various operating rooms, with a high risk of contamination, which is an important factor affecting the sterile environment in the operating room. The mobile flat panel C-arms Plus series are compact and the sterile cover can easily cover the equipment, further guaranteeing a sterile environment in the operating room. The cover is seamlessly pieced together with a smooth lacquer finish, making the process of cleaning and sterilizing more convenient and hassle-free.

Perlove Medical mobile flat panel C-arm Plus series, which provides ultra-high definition images and ultra-low radiation dose, that is, the digital flat panel small C-arm designed to promote the new digital orthopedic technology to cover the grass-roots hospitals and to realize the promotion of precision medicine. The company adheres to independent innovation, and has been striving for 19 years to provide patients with higher quality high-end medical equipment and more optimized clinical solutions, and to guard every equal and precious life!


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