What is a Surgical Robot? What are the brands of orthopedic surgery robots?


What is a surgical robot? A surgical robot is an advanced medical device consisting of three parts: a robotic arm, a console, and an optical tracking system. It can perform complex surgical operations in a minimally invasive manner. The optical tracking system can clearly magnify the diseased part and increase the accuracy of the operation; the human arm will tremble and the doctor will be tense and fatigued, but the mechanical arm will not; the rotation angle of the human arm is limited, while the rotation angle of the mechanical arm is more free. Therefore, surgical robots can perform surgery through smaller wounds (minimally invasive), which reduces blood loss and is conducive to patient recovery.

According to the different types of surgery, surgical robots can be subdivided into endoscopic surgery robots, orthopedic surgery robots, pan-vascular surgery robots, natural orifice endoscopic surgery robots, and percutaneous puncture surgery robots.

Orthopedic surgical robots refer to advanced medical devices that can perform surgical operations according to the surgeon’s plan during orthopedic surgery. As a “right-hand assistant” for doctors in the surgical process, orthopedic surgical robots can not only completely imitate various activities of human arms, but also have the characteristics of “see-through eyes” and “stable hands” to help orthopedic surgery to a new level.

What are the brands of orthopedic surgery robots?

At present, more and more domestic and foreign medical device companies have entered the surgical robot track. Foreign orthopedic surgical robot brands include Medtronic and Zimmer Biomet.

Most domestic orthopedic surgical robot brand companies are in the early stages of development, such as Perlove Medical, Tianzhihang, and Zhuzheng Robotics. Among them,Perlove Medical is the first full-process solution provider of “orthopedic surgery robot + flat three-dimensional C-arm” in China.

Foreign orthopedic surgery robot brands

Zimmer Biomet

In March 2020, ROSA One, a surgical robot developed and produced by Medtech, a subsidiary of Zimmer Biomet, passed the NMPA audit and officially landed in the Chinese market. The surgical navigation robot officially started its layout in the domestic market.


Founded in 1949 and headquartered in Minnesota, USA, Medtronic is a leading medical technology company mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of medical devices. The company acquired Israeli surgical robotics company Mazor Robotics for $1.64 billion in 2018, giving it the Mazor X surgical platform, which has been approved for spinal surgery in Canada, Europe and the United States. In 2019, Medtronic’s Stealth AutoGuide, a robot platform for neurosurgery, was approved by the FDA. The platform consists of a stealth space station image guidance system and Midas Rex high-speed drill, while also providing real-time navigation and visual feedback of the desired route.

Domestic orthopedic surgery robot brand


Beijing Tianzhihang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on independent innovation, large-scale production, professional marketing and high-quality clinical application of orthopedic surgical robots and related technologies. It is also the first domestic, The fifth company in the world to obtain a medical robot registration license. Tianzhihang’s main product is the Tianji series of orthopedic surgical robots, and the second generation of this series has now been launched. This robot can assist in spinal surgery and traumatic orthopedic surgery, and use the robotic arm to assist in the positioning of surgical instruments or implants during surgery.

Casting robot

Founded in 2016, Suzhou Zhuzheng Robotics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and developer of medical robots. The company’s predecessor was the Medical Robotics Laboratory of Beihang University. It has more than 20 years of experience in the research and development of surgical robots. Zhuzheng Robot is now focusing on the field of minimally invasive spine surgery, and is committed to solving the clinical problems faced by minimally invasive spine surgery from a new perspective, researching new, intelligent, high-end medical devices with independent intellectual property rights, and researching and developing products related to minimally invasive spine surgery. products and provide related services.

Universal Medical

Nanjing Perlove Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is a medical device company integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales service of medical X-ray imaging equipment. In 2012, Perlove Medical’s self-developed Yingzeng three-dimensional C-arm forensics was launched. In the same year, the orthopedic surgery robot research and development project was launched. After 10 years of polishing,Perlove Medical’s full-process solution of “orthopedic surgery robot + flat three-dimensional C-arm” has officially come out. Perlove Medical’s spinal surgery full-process solution has unique advantages such as strong compatibility, rapid registration, and high accuracy, which will greatly improve the safety and efficiency of clinical operations.

The first domestic one-stop supplier for the whole process of spinal surgery
Independent research and development of adaptive registration technology, the registration process is accurate and fast, saving the overall operation time
Real-time body position dynamic tracking to ensure the accuracy of clinical operations
Standardization of complex surgical procedures, safe and minimally invasive traditional surgical procedures
Orthopedic surgical robots can shorten the learning curve for young doctors to perform complex procedures. For spinal surgery, young doctors need many years of clinical practice before they can handle such operations independently, but with the assistance of robots, young doctors can greatly shorten the learning curve and improve their ability to independently handle complex operations. The orthopedic surgery robot + flat-panel 3D C-arm system of Perlove Medical can be registered very quickly, and the screw planning can be performed at one time, which greatly improves the operation efficiency, reduces radiation, and cares for the health of doctors and patients.


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