What is an intraoperative C-arm machine?


What is an intraoperative c-arm machine, is an intraoperative c-arm machine far away from us, in fact it is very close to our lives.With the development of science and technology level, patients’ demand for doctors is increasing, and so is the demand for surgical risk and rapid recovery, which not only requires doctors to have rich theoretical knowledge and excellent technical level, but also needs the support of powerful medical equipment. Intraoperative C-arm machine, also known as three-dimensional C-arm, can capture three-dimensional images intraoperatively, and can quickly generate cross-sectional, sagittal, coronal tomographic images and three-dimensional stereoscopic images during the operation, which can provide the operator with a more complete observation angle and accurately judge the condition of the bone tissues and implants.

For example, the PLX7500 series flat-panel 3D C-arm from Perlove Medical can automatically rotate continuously by 190°, acquire 100 or 380 frames by pulse fluoroscopy, and reconstruct them volumetrically into 3D stereoscopic images, as well as corresponding sagittal, coronal, and transverse sections. 1 minute of instant 3D image presentation allows the surgeon to select the window of interest, and browse through the information of the images in different tomographies layer by layer. The doctor can select the window of interest and browse the image information in different tomography layer by layer to observe the condition of bone tissue and implants. No manual face and point illumination is required to guide the implant to the desired site, realizing minimally invasive surgical treatment.

One of the advantages of using intraoperative C-arm machine is that it can optimize the surgical process by replacing the traditional postoperative CT examination with intraoperative CT-like tomography, which can realize the true meaning of “intraoperative CT” instead of “postoperative CT”, effectively reduce the probability of revision surgery, improve surgical efficiency, and enhance the efficiency of surgery. The probability of surgery can be effectively reduced, the efficiency of surgery can be improved, and the allocation of resources can be optimized.

The c-arm machine, in the whole medical equipment industry belongs to the high-tech, high value-added optical mechatronics products. The manufacture of this product after years of precipitation and year by year to improve the quality management system, technical team development and construction, coupled with the State Drug Administration CQC Center and the mandatory management of the relevant departments to make the industry barriers continue to increase, the technical level of domestic manufacturers of c-arms in the continuous improvement.

In some emerging economies, such as Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa, and Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions, the export share of China-made c-arm machine is rapidly increasing, the domestic c-arm manufacturers future is promising!

At the same time, the domestic market structure of radiological imaging equipment is also quietly changing. With the rapid development of grass-roots hospitals, specialty hospitals, private hospitals, the purchase of c-arm machines will gradually tend to be rational, cost-effective products and functional ease of use, will become the focus of its attention.

In recent years c-arm machine gradually realize the update iteration, miniaturization, portable, visualization, automation, high precision has become its development trend. Domestic c-arm manufacturers Perlove Medical, from the demand for clinical convenience, launched a variety of structures and functions of the c-arm machine.

For hospitals, 3D c-arm machines help hospitals to carry out high-end procedures, improve the level of clinical research in the department, and help departmental doctors to collect high-definition surgical data during the operation. The 3D c-arm machine also helps hospitals to carry out minimally invasive surgeries, improve surgical efficacy, and accelerate the turnover of hospital beds.


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