What Is DRF Machine? – Digital Fluoroscopy And Radiography System


Digital fluoroscopy and radiography system, often simply called DRF or DRF machine. This system combined radiography and fluoroscopy in combines all the applications of conventional radiography and fluoroscopy in one device.


What is Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy? 

Digital radiography and fluoroscopy are two imaging techniques used in medical imaging to diagnose and assist in treating various medical conditions.

Digital radiography involves the use of digital detectors to capture X-ray images of the body. These detectors convert the X-rays into digital signals that are processed by a computer to create high-resolution images of the body’s internal structures. 

Digital radiography is commonly used to diagnose bone fractures, lung infections, and other conditions that affect the skeletal, respiratory and other body systems.

Fluoroscopy, on the other hand, is a technique used to visualize the movement of internal organs in real-time. It involves the use of a continuous X-ray beam to create a series of images that are displayed on a monitor. This allows physicians to see how organs such as the heart, stomach, and intestines are functioning, and to detect abnormalities such as blockages or leaks. Fluoroscopy is commonly used in procedures such as angiography, where a contrast agent is injected into the blood vessels to visualize blood flow, and in the placement of medical devices such as catheters and pacemakers.

Both digital radiography and fluoroscopy are non-invasive and safe imaging techniques that provide valuable information to help diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions.

Traditionally, fluoroscopy equipment required its own room, even though many of its basic requirements were similar to those of X-ray equipment. This created a burden on resources in crowded hospital radiology departments. Furthermore, unless there was a high demand for fluoroscopy, the fluoroscopy room would be underutilized, while X-ray rooms would be fully booked.

However, with the advent of Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy systems, both fluoroscopy and digital radiography can be performed in the same room. These systems can record both fluoroscopy and radiography sequences, as well as interventional procedures.

In organizations with limited resources, the use of both digital radiography and fluoroscopy systems can lead to increased utilization, better workflow, and increased productivity



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