What is medical DR Machine? What are the clinical advantages of dynamic DR Machine?


What is a medical dr machine? The medical dr machine is a digital x-ray machine based on the ordinary x-ray film, which is commonly understood as an advanced version of the traditional x-ray, but the essence is still similar, mainly using the principle of x-ray penetration. Although the examination area and ordinary x-ray film are the same, but the dr machine image resolution is significantly higher than x-ray, radiation radiation dose is also reduced very much. Since its birth, medical dr machines have been widely used around the world and have become the basis of modern medical imaging examinations. Over the past two decades, medical dr machines have undergone several generations of technological leaps and bounds, greatly improving the clarity and accuracy of images, which are of great value for clinical applications.

Let’s broadly review the development of medical dr machines

medical dr machine

2000: Indirect digital dr machine

Image plate as a detector tool, only one exposure to complete image acquisition, no darkroom, compared to the previous film photography, is a huge technological leap.

2004: Direct digital dr machine

Based on CCD detectors gained rapid development, opening the prologue of direct digital x-ray photography, with faster imaging speed, more convenient operation, and higher imaging resolution.

2010: Flat panel direct digital dr machine

Based on amorphous silicon flat panel detector direct digital imaging X-ray machine in the industry has gained rapid development, flat panel dr machine indicates the future development direction of digital X-ray machine.

2016: Dynamic digital dr machine

Breaking through the limitations of imaging technology, dynamic flat panel detectors were developed, which can realize continuous multi-frame photography and output dynamic images with high contrast and resolution through the synergy of hardware, software and image algorithms.

Compared with conventional dr machine technology, dynamic dr machine further broadens the scope, thinking and practice of clinical screening and diagnostic applications of X-ray film, along with the new requirements of the era of accurate image diagnosis, dynamic dr becomes the future development direction in the field of medical dr machine!

What are the clinical application advantages of dynamic dr machine?

1. More accurate clinical diagnosis

Compared with traditional flat panel dr machine, dynamic dr machine has the function of visual operation, which can solve the problems that traditional medical dr machine cannot solve, reduce the missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, and improve the accuracy of clinical diagnosis.

As conventional static digital X-ray examination is based on two-dimensional anatomical plane imaging, which leads to inability to make accurate diagnosis for overlapping lesions, tiny fuzzy lesions, hidden lesions, adhesions and other problems, dynamic dr machine realizes all-round observation through multi-angle dynamic real-time images, which can better discover lesions and carry out treatment of related diseases.

2. richer clinical applications

Dynamic dr machine integrates conventional radiography, gastrointestinal, fluoroscopy and imaging, and can be applied to various clinical departments, such as medical examination department, internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, emergency department, etc., with wider clinical applications.

Unlike conventional static dr machine which can only perform flat film photography examination, dynamic dr machine can meet a variety of clinical examination needs, including static examination, fluoroscopy examination, imaging examination, full-length splicing examination of spine and lower limbs, which has rich clinical applications compared with static DR, and dynamic dr machine examination is more accurate and intuitive, and the efficiency of positional filming is greatly improved, which greatly saves filming time.

3. more advanced intelligent applications

Dynamic dr machine has a large image acquisition area, with a large field of view of 17×17 inches, which can cover the whole chest and abdomen of adults, and can be used for real-time high-definition spot film in continuous motion, and also for video preservation, so that the video of image examination can be played back during the consultation process to achieve accurate diagnosis. At the same time dynamic dr machine also has a whole body splicing function, especially suitable for full spine and full lower extremity photography, to assist in orthopedic treatment of spinal deformities, rehabilitation examination, to provide high-precision images for clinical purposes.

4. to meet the needs of multi-level hospital diagnosis

The multi-functional and super cost-effective features of the dynamic dr machine also allow it to be applied to meet the general release diagnostic needs of multi-level hospitals. With the promotion of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, the medical service capability of primary medical institutions has put forward higher requirements, and the conventional static dr can no longer meet the demand for primary diagnosis of many kinds of diseases, the multi-functional fusion design of dynamic dr machine provides a solution for this contradiction in primary medical institutions.

With the further development of dynamic digital radiography technology, dynamic dr machines are expected to replace conventional static dr, fundamentally changing the clinical drawbacks of leakage and misdiagnosis of ordinary medical dr machines, and greatly improving the accuracy of medical dr machine diagnosis. Perlove Medical leads the industry trend and has a variety of common dynamic dr types, such as double column dynamic dr, U-arm dynamic dr, etc., forming a rich line of dynamic dr machines to fully meet the general diagnostic needs of hospitals at different levels.


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