What is Surgical C-arm System?


The Definition Of Surgical C-arm System

A surgical C-arm system is a type of medical imaging device used in surgical procedures. It is a type of X-ray imaging system that is used to provide real-time imaging during minimally invasive surgical procedures.

The Scope Of Application

The scope of application of this product includes urology, endoscopy, plastic surgery, angiography, cardiac, vascular and neurological disciplines, as well as critical special care and accidents and emergencies. It is suitable for daily diagnosis in clinical environment.

The main uses of type C arm include orthopedic nailing, bone surgery, reduction, surgical implantation of a pacemaker, removal of foreign bodies in the body, partial radiography, partial interventional surgery, and combined with ozone machine in the treatment of pain, small needle knife treatment, gynecological fallopian tube guided surgery and so on.

The Promising Development

In 2020, the global market for interventional radiology and surgical X-ray is expected to decline by 17.4% and 16.3%, respectively, but according to the latest report from market research company signify Research, the global market for interventional and surgical X-ray equipment will reach US $3.9 billion by 2024.

With the further development of flat panel detector technology, the C-arm imaging system is gradually upgraded from an image intensifier to a digital X-ray flat panel detector, resulting in lower radiation dose, larger effective imaging area, and higher imaging quality. and gradually transformed into a smaller body, to better meet the needs of clinical use.

The Advantage Of Surgical C-arm system

Type C arm has the advantages of low radiation dose, low risk of infection, small area and easy to move, so it is widely used in hospital orthopedics, surgery, gynecology and other departments. Compared with other imaging devices, its advantages are as follows:

  • C-arm is easy to move around.

The traditional X-ray machine cannot be moved, while the C-arm X-ray machine can be moved, which makes it more convenient for doctors to operate in the ward and operating room.

  • Easy to operate.

The mobile C-arm X-ray machine makes the use of the operation more timely and convenient and provides fluoroscopy service for the operation.

  • The image is clear.

The high-quality imaging of the mobile C-arm X-ray machine makes the image clearer.

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