What is the clinical application of dynamic DR in esophagography?


Esophageal cancer, also called esophageal cancer, is a malignant tumor that occurs in the epithelial tissue of the esophagus, accounting for 2% of all malignant tumors, and about 220,000 people die of esophageal cancer every year worldwide. China is a country with high incidence of esophageal cancer and one of the countries with high mortality rate of esophageal cancer in the world.

Esophagography is the basic examination method for esophageal lesions, which can detect the characteristic changes of esophageal cancerinterruption and destruction of the esophageal mucosa, and patients often feel swallowing obstacles, this feature is the most common in clinic, and it is also the typical manifestation of early esophageal cancer. Generally, the accompanying features include wall filling defect, niche shadow, soft tissue mass shadow, esophageal lumen narrowing, etc. Under fluoroscopy, stiffness of esophageal wall, slow peristalsis, etc. can also be seen.

Perlove Dynamic DR

Dynamic DR can realize large-area fluoroscopy, instantaneous high-definition film counting and so on. In esophagography, due to the very fast flow rate of the contrast medium after swallowing barium, it is convenient to observe the lesions in the esophagus on a large format. With instantaneous spot film, the image of the lesion can be captured in real time so that a diagnosis can be made quickly. With a large field of view of 17×17 inches, Prudent Multi-function Dynamic DR can display the whole esophagus in one exposure, which makes it more convenient to observe the lesions of the esophagus and determine the scope of the lesions, which is an important reference value for diagnosis and treatment.

Dynamic DR can dynamically observe whether the peristalsis of the tube wall is stiff to identify benign and malignant stenosis, not only in the process of fluoroscopy, real-time high-definition point film, to achieve milliseconds level of dynamic and static image switching, quickly capture the image of the lesion site, imaging is clear and rapid, as far as possible, to reduce the time of esophageal dysfunction patients to endure the pain of difficulty in swallowing, and at the same time, improve the efficiency of the doctor to make a correct diagnosis, but also real-time preservation of It can also save video images in real time, observe and analyze them repeatedly to clarify the scope of lesions, which is an important guidance for surgery.

Compared with the digital gastrointestinal machine in the past, the dynamic DR image resolution is high, the panoramic observation of the esophagus, local mucous membrane destruction, interruption, lumen narrowing and the scope of the lesion display clarity is obviously better.

Dynamic DR Upper Gastrointestinal Imaging

From this, it is easy to see that, compared with other means of examination, dynamic DR in the clinical application of esophagography has clear imaging, convenient application, and is able to fully display the local and overall structural morphology of the esophagus, and in this way reveal the relevant morphological and functional changes, which is more conducive to the realization of accurate diagnosis.

With a wide range of clinical uses, one machine can be used for multiple purposes, and can be applied in various clinical departments, such as medical examination, internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, emergency department, etc. It integrates routine filming, gastrointestinal, fluoroscopy, imaging and other multi-functions, which is truly multi-purpose and multi-functional, and basically meets the radiological needs of the grassroots hospitals.


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