What is the difference between 3D C-arm and ordinary C-arm?


Three-dimensional c-arm and ordinary c-arm what is the difference? The following domestic c-arm manufacturer “Perlove medical” for you to answer this question.

The full name of the c-arm is C-arm X-ray machine, which belongs to the class of X-ray photographic medical equipment, used for real-time dynamic imaging in surgery. It is called c-arm because the shape of its frame is a “C” shape, as shown in the figure below.

A 3D c-arm, also known as a 3D c-arm, is a c-arm with 3D CT imaging capabilities, whereas a regular c-arm has only 2D CT imaging capabilities.

Features of 3D c-arms:

Three-dimensional c-arm, also known as orthopedic three-dimensional c-arm machine, is mainly used in orthopedics, surgery, orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, abdominal surgery and so on.

The 3D c-arm combines the traditional two-dimensional and “CT-like mode”, which can quickly generate cross-sectional, sagittal, coronal tomographic images and three-dimensional stereoscopic images during the operation. Through the tomographic images in different directions, the anatomical results of the vertebral body and its accessories can be displayed more clearly and completely, and the three-dimensional spatial relationship between the lesion and the surrounding tissues can be analyzed intuitively, and the three-dimensional tomographic imaging can make the surgical simulation and the formulation of surgical plans more accurate.

Taking spinal surgery as an example, some studies have shown that in 3D c-arm image-guided lower cervical or thoracic posterior screw placement, the correct screw placement rate can reach 92.7%, and in 3D c-arm image-guided lumbar disc fusion, the total amount of the operator being irradiated is significantly reduced.

The current c-arm sales market, three-dimensional c-arm sales accounted for the total number of C-arms is not high, on the one hand, because many domestic c-arm manufacturers do not have c-arm three-dimensional imaging technology, on the other hand, three-dimensional c-arm price is higher than the ordinary c-arms, hospitals in the procurement of financial considerations.

Three-dimensional c-arm

Perlove Medical is one of the domestic c-arm manufacturers that have mastered the c-arm 3D imaging technology, and launched the domestic 3D c-arm PLX7500 in 2022, which adopts a large-size dynamic flat panel detector of 30cmx30cm, and is capable of outputting high-resolution, large-size 2D and 3D images. It is worth mentioning that PLX7500 can also be used with orthopedic surgical navigation robot PL300B to complete the positioning of surgical instruments or implants with the assistance of a robotic arm, and the accuracy can reach sub-millimeter level.


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