What is the difference between Mobile DR and Medical C-arm?


As a medical x-ray machine manufacturer, Perlove Medical has both mobile medical DR and mobile medical C-arm in its product line. Do you know what is the difference between mobile medical DR and mobile medical C-arm? If purchasing related equipment, this is definitely a question that needs to be clarified.

mobile dr vs mobile c arm

Mobile medical DR is a subcategory of direct digital radiography (DR) systems, with the obvious feature of having pulleys installed on the bottom of the equipment to allow free movement. Mobile medical DR comes in a variety of shapes, mostly square cameras that slide horizontally or vertically, all with a base plate.

The scientific name of the mobile medical C-arm c-arm x-ray machine, is on top of the ordinary x-ray basic principles, combined with the development of modern medical technology, the production of semi-circular x-ray head illumination medical equipment. One end of the release ray projection instrument, the other end is the collection of light-sensitive instruments. Because the shape of the letter c, so called c-arm.

After explaining the definition of the two, the following illustrates the difference between mobile medical DR and mobile medical C-arm, mainly in the application scenario.

Mobile medical DR is often used in radiology department, similar to the function of a digital camera, after taking a film, you can immediately see the results on the machine screen, after adjusting the contrast and brightness size, connecting the film printer can print out the film.

The mobile medical C-arm is mainly used in the operating room, and interventional rooms will also be used, it is the effect of the film can be immediately imaged on the monitor, instantly see the results, and then guide the operation to continue.

After understanding the difference between mobile medical DR and mobile medical C-arm, There would be clearer ideas when we purchase the equipment.

Mobile DR

The convenience of mobile medical DR is more important, such as Perlove Medical PLX5500 model high-powered mobile DR, the body is small, can be flexible in the hospital corridor, wards, ICU, outpatient emergency room and other scenarios. With a power of up to 65kW, it can easily meet the inspection needs of people of various body types.

Medical C-arm

The imaging effect of mobile medical C-arm is more critical, for example, Perlove Medical produces PLX119C large flat panel all-in-one C-arm with a 30cm x 30cm flat panel detector, which can provide a broader field of view for the surgeon during surgery. When performing spine type surgery, a single exposure can present the full segment of the lumbar spine.


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