What is the difference between orthopedic surgery and surgical robots?


Are orthopedic surgery robots and surgical robots the same, and what is the difference between the two? The following orthopedic surgical robot manufacturer PUAI Medical to answer your questions.

Definition and classification of surgical robots:

Surgical robots are new medical device products that assist doctors in realizing precise control of surgical instruments. According to the application scenarios of clinical medicine, surgical robots can be divided into laparoscopic surgical robots, orthopedic surgical robots, pan-vascular surgical robots, trans-natural lumen surgical robots, percutaneous puncture surgical robots and neurosurgical robots.

We usually refer to several surgical robots other than orthopedic surgical robots as surgical robots, or major surgical robots.

Orthopedic surgical robot PL300B at work

Orthopedic surgical robots are mainly used for spine, knee and hip joint prosthesis replacement and repair surgery, its role is to plan the appropriate surgical path, and through the guiding role of the robotic arm, to guide the physician along the planned surgical path to complete the operation. However, because of the individual differences in each patient, the “optimal” path for each patient is often inconsistent. In the past, orthopedic surgeons have relied on their own experience to find anatomical landmarks, but experience is sometimes inaccurate or even wrong. The use of orthopedic surgical robots can circumvent such errors and improve the accuracy of surgery to a large extent.

Surgical robot at work

Large surgical robots are mainly used in large surgical operations, such as soft tissue tumor surgery, the operation of the fine degree of requirements are very high, a little carelessness may damage the surrounding important tissues. The doctor’s bare hand operation will inevitably be awkward to appear the stability of the situation, so the relevant surgical robots came into being. Especially in the era of lumenscopy, doctors need to operate a variety of long-handled surgical instruments, the long force arm effect is more likely to cause instability, and the stability of the surgical robot’s robotic arm/hand must be higher than that of the human hand.

It can be seen that the difference between orthopedic surgery and surgical robots lies in the surgical object and surgical purpose, orthopedic surgical robots are suitable for hard tissue surgery, mainly to solve the problem of individualized differences in surgery; surgical robots are suitable for soft tissue surgery, mainly to solve the problem of surgical precision.


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