What are the advantages of a high power c-arm machine?


C-shaped arm x-ray machine as a medical imaging equipment, mainly used in orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, neurosurgery, etc., its power size directly affects the precision and effect of surgery. Therefore, hospitals need to make comprehensive consideration when choosing a c-arm according to the actual needs, choose a suitable model and brand, and ensure that its power size can meet the surgical requirements.

What is the general power of c-arm

The c-arm can be divided into three types: small c, medium c and large c. The power of small c-arm is generally above 5KW, medium c-arm is generally above 15KW-25KW, and large c-arm is generally above 80KW.

c-arm machine PLX7100A

What are the advantages of a high power c-arm machine

The size of X-ray power directly affects the penetration and energy of X-rays, so the size of c-arm machine power has an important impact on image quality and diagnostic accuracy. The following are a few advantages of a high c-arm machine power:

1. Improved image quality: High-powered X-rays can penetrate deeper tissues, resulting in clearer and more accurate images. This is very important for some areas that require deeper observation.

2. Enhanced contrast: High-powered X-rays produce a stronger ionizing effect, which enhances the contrast in the image. This helps doctors to diagnose diseases more accurately.

3. Wide range of application: A high-powered c-arm machine is suitable for imaging high-density tissue in obese patients. Both major and minor surgeries can be performed with a high power c-arm machine.

In order to meet the needs of general hospitals for c-arm power size, Nanjing Perlove has independently developed small c-arms with a maximum output power of 5kW, including several models such as PLX112B, PLX119C, PLX7500, and medium c-arm machine PLX7100A with a maximum output power of 25kW. This mobile flat-panel interventional medium C, with its small size, low dose, clear image and operation With the characteristics of small size, low dose, clear image, convenient operation, etc., this mobile flat-panel interventional medium C has been recognized by more and more hospitals and specialists in the oncology interventional departments of the majority of primary hospitals as well as the specialized interventional in tertiary hospitals.


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