What is the procedure for operating an orthopaedic surgical robot?


Regardless of whether it is a spine, trauma or joint surgery robot, the design idea is to use the patient’s preoperative/intraoperative imaging to plan the optimal surgical path, and through the guiding role of the robotic arm, guide the physician along the planned surgical path to complete the surgery. It does not participate in the whole process; it not only helps the surgeon gain insight into every depth of the skeleton, but also monitors every surgical procedure in real time; the robotic arm is the robot’s “hand”, which is flexible in movement and stable in operation, and its accuracy can reach the sub-millimetre level.

For example, a patient was injured in the lumbar spine and was operated with the aid of a robot. The surgeon, according to the pre-drafted surgical programme, marked out the surgical location on the computer, the orthopaedic surgical robot then scanned the patient’s waist to determine the surgical site, and then slowly aligned the surgical site in the patient’s waist, placing a good catheter, and the surgeon then proceeded to implant the steel nails, fixation, and other series of surgical operations through the catheter. One week after the surgery, the patient was discharged from the hospital.

The application of orthopaedic surgical robots, assisted by robots, reduces the intraoperative radiation exposure of doctors and patients, effectively controls bleeding during surgery, thus significantly reducing the occurrence of intraoperative and postoperative complications in patients, making patients safer and accelerating postoperative recovery.

As precise and minimally invasive surgery has become the goal of surgical pursuit, along with the rapid development of intelligent robots, precise and minimally invasive treatment of orthopaedic surgery has also become an inevitable trend. Orthopaedic surgical robots greatly improve surgical precision, reduce the risk of surgery, and make the orthopaedic surgery more perfect, and promote orthopaedic surgery to further develop towards the precision and intelligence.


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