What is the purpose of digital photography DR with removable filter grid design?


Digital photography DR, referred to as DR. DR examination is a commonly used examination method in the imaging department, mainly for the initial diagnosis of diseases of the bone and joint system, mediastinum, as well as the cardiac system, respiratory system, digestive system, etc. It is suitable for the photographic needs of various parts of the body, such as the chest, abdomen, head, and extremities. Compared with the traditional filming examination, it has less radiation to the human body, shorter examination time and higher quality of the film. 

Components of digital photography DR:

Structurally, the components of DR include: X-ray high voltage generator, X-ray bulb, flat panel detector, frame, image processing system, etc. 

Advantages of digital photographic DR:

Data can be acquired directly in imaging. x-rays are projected through the body onto the detector, which then converts the image information into digital data and transmits it simultaneously, and then uses software for image post-processing.

Digital Photographic DR

The filter grid is a common component of digital photographic DR. After the X-rays pass through the body, longer wavelength and indeterminate direction of the continuing emission lines, i.e., scattered rays, are produced. The higher the energy of the primary rays, the thicker the penetrated limb, and the higher the projection conditions, the more scattered rays will be produced. Scattered rays also have fluorescent and photographic effects, which can make the film photosensitive and make the image less contrasty and clear.

An effective way to reduce and eliminate the adverse effects of scattered rays in projection is to use a filter grid. Filters can help filter out stray rays, reduce haze, and improve contrast, making images clearer and sharper.

A clearer image after the use of filters

So, what is the purpose of using removable filters in digital photography DR? Why do you need to remove the filter grid?

Although the filter grid filters out scattered rays, it also absorbs some of the useful rays resulting in increased dose. The thicker the patient’s lesion, the more stray radiation there is, and the more the grating is needed. The thinner the torso of a child or the extremities of an adult, the less stray rays are present, and removing the grid will not improve image quality, but will significantly reduce the dose.

Taking this into account, many manufacturers are using a pluggable filter grid design on their digital photography DR equipment, i.e., a removable filter grid. For example, Pulitzer digital photography DR from the actual clinical needs, the use of removable filter grid design, according to the actual clinical situation can be removed freely filter grid, for children or low dose parts of the examination can be pulled out, to bring more intimate care for doctors and patients. Combined with the DAP dose monitoring system, it displays the cumulative radiation dose absorbed by the patient in a single examination, making it easy to control the radiation risk and take care of the patient’s health.

Digital Radiography DR with removable filter grid design 

DAP is the product of cumulative radiation dose and irradiation area, indicating the total number of rays irradiating the body. Since the radiation exposure of health care workers comes from the secondary radiation generated by the main radiation beam passing through the patient. Therefore, the radiation dose to health care workers is closely related to the patient’s DAP. With the DAP radiation dose monitoring system, the dose intensity of a single exposure can be displayed in real time on the image, making it easy for doctors to grasp the radiation situation and effectively control the dose intake, providing more health care for doctors and patients.

Pride digital photography DR with DAP exposure dose display

As a professional imaging equipment manufacturer in China, how to ensure high quality images while greatly reducing the radiation dose of X-rays is an issue of great concern in the product development and production of Bridgelux Medical. With in-depth technology and optimized design, PRUDER digital photography DR brings safer low-dose management solutions for doctors and patients.


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