What kind of examinations can be done with lifting table dynamic DR?


What kind of examination can lifting table dynamic DR ? lifting table Dynamic DR is a digital radiography equipment, which can perform whole body imaging, and with various movements of the bed and convenient compressor function, it can carry out examinations such as gastrointestinal imaging, esophagography, T-tube imaging, IVP and so on. With the innovative dynamic flat panel detector as the new digital carrier,Perlove lifting table dynamic DR is widely used in clinical applications and has important clinical value in the examination of women and children.

Perlove lifting table dynamic DR

Advantages of lifting table dynamic DR in gynecological examination

With the opening up of the national two-child and three-child policies, more and more women of the right age are joining the ranks of the childbearing army, and the consequent increase in the demand for gynecological and child examination. Hysterosalpingography is a commonly used method for gynecological examination because of its low damage and high accuracy. Hysterosalpingography with Bedside Dynamic DR is much more accurate and efficient than the previous examination techniques.

Lifting table dynamic DR has a large rectangular acquisition area and can show the entire pelvis in a single exposure, dramatically reducing observation time. Controlled transient irradiation avoids the subject from absorbing too many X-rays, which is particularly important for women of childbearing age. The filming can be completed during the flow of contrast medium, capturing key images, helping doctors to understand more clearly the specific patency of the tubal lumen and the location of the blockage, and improving the accuracy of diagnosis.

Tubal Imaging

Advantages of Lifting table dynamic DR in pediatric examination

Negative foreign body examination

Pediatric airway foreign body disease is mostly seen in children under 5 years old. In diagnosis, conventional DR often has the limitations of low one-time success rate, difficult to ensure the image quality, and subtle images are not easy to observe. Lifting table dynamic DR can observe the complete respiratory cycle under dynamic fluoroscopy, and diagnose the disease through the indirect signs such as the brightness of the lung field, the movement of the mediastinum and diaphragm and its position, and the inspiratory increase of cardiac shadow, so as to avoid missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis.

Treatment of intussusception

Intussusception occurs most often in young children under 2 years old, and if intestinal obstruction is formed for more than 24 hours, intestinal necrosis is likely to occur, which is life-threatening. The use of bed-type dynamic DR to implement air enema revision can better solve this problem. Due to the large imaging field of Lifting table dynamic DR, a single exposure can show all the abdominal intestines, shortening the examination time, and high image resolution, clear fluoroscopic image, more conducive to the dynamic observation of the restoration situation. At the same time,Lifting table dynamic DR is also more excellent in dose management control and image algorithm processing, avoiding the patient to absorb more X-rays, which is more friendly and safer for young children.

Visualized Spot Film

Infants and young children are more active, and it is difficult for conventional DR to capture the key high-definition images in the irregular position of infants and young children.Lifting table dynamic DR has the function of visualization film spotting, which can quickly and accurately capture the images of the key parts, effectively solving the problems of high rate of waste of conventional DR blind filming and large amount of repeated filming, as well as avoiding the omission of diagnosis due to overlapping of the images or the body position of conventional DR.

Visualization of film spotting function to quickly capture high-definition images

The Lifting table dynamic DR adopts a large-size HD dynamic flat panel detector, which can provide large-size HD images for clinics, and comprehensively meet the needs of digital photography, fluoroscopy, imaging, and visualization of high-definition film counting and other clinical applications. The unique and practical lifting bed with intelligent and flexible mechanical multi-dimensional movement easily meets the needs of various special positions and various angles of shooting, realizing high-quality filming, high-frame-rate fluoroscopy as well as convenient and efficient clinical operation to meet the diversified inspection needs of medical institutions.

With a higher degree of intelligence, when performing hysterosalpingography, doctors can precisely control the flow direction and speed of the contrast medium by adjusting the angle of the bed, and accurately determine the location, degree and nature of tubal blockage according to the contrast medium’s image in the fallopian tubes and the pelvic cavity, which greatly improves the efficiency of filming and the accuracy of diagnosis.

Dynamic DR bed with high degree of intelligence

As the demand for women’s body checkups and medical care for infants and children grows year by year, how to rapidly improve the quality of medical services and safeguard the health of women and children is a key factor in enhancing the competitiveness of medical institutions at all levels, especially maternal and child healthcare hospitals, and a Dynamic DR that comprehensively cares for the health of women and children can undoubtedly provide assistance to hospitals! Perlove Lifting table dynamic DR is born for the multi-functional diagnosis application of

, from the practical application of radiology department of medical institutions, it is professionally designed for multi-functional diagnosis with multi-dimension, and it gives the equipment multi-functions such as filming, fluoroscopy, imaging, full-automatic whole-body splicing, pneumoconiosis screening, and so on, on the structure of the compact one-piece bed, which can satisfy the requirements of various types of routine X-ray examination, digestive examination, orthopedic examination, gynecologic examination and pediatric examination, etc., and truly realize the dynamic DR. It can meet all kinds of routine X-ray examination, gastrointestinal examination, orthopedic examination, gynecological examination, pediatric examination, etc., and truly realize the application of dynamic DR equipment in all departments.


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