What scenarios can Vehical DR be used for?


Vehical DR is the X-ray examination equipment on top of the medical examination vehicle and medical cart. Designed for mobile medical checkup vehicles, Vehical DR is more convenient than hospital DR, and can meet the demand for digital photography of cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, limb bones, chest, pelvis, joints, and other parts of the body of the sick and injured during emergencies. Realize the demand of mobile radiological examination.

Perlove Medical PLD3800 Vehical DR, compact and small structure, vehicle-specific frame makes the equipment fearless of bumps and harsh working environment, suitable for a variety of car models, space-saving, and can penetrate into the grassroots, community, nursing homes and other places.

So, what scenarios can this Vehical DR device be used for?

First, medical cart

The advantages of Vehical DR are extremely prominent when medical institutions need support to cope with unexpected situations, and the compact structure, small footprint and easy installation of Vehical DR can efficiently complete radiological examination projects on medical vehicles, and its mobility is strong, which is convenient for medical institutions to go to their branch hospitals or other medical units to carry out support work.

Second, Physical examination vehicle

Humanized vehicle design, equivalent to a mobile medical examination center, in the hospital to carry out physical examination activities in the countryside, with the multi-functional medical examination vehicle for physical examination, to promote the development of primary health care has an important role, and vehicle DR on the power supply power requirements are low, only 220V power can be achieved normal exposure, the dose of radiation will be relatively low.

Third, Medical shelter

With part of the “Medical shelter” will be turned into a designated hospital, on the basis of the square cabin hospital, so that it has a certain treatment function, vehicle-mounted DR due to its mobility, small footprint, compact structure, easy to install, can improve the diagnosis and treatment efficiency of the square cabin hospitals, easy to cope with a large number of patients.

Fourth, the medical examination center

It has unique advantages for preventing sudden and urgent checkups, mainly doing X-ray digital photography checkups for chest and other parts. It has excellent image quality, fast imaging capability and good exposure tolerance, and can realize intelligent remote control and precise posing.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of medical science and technology, Vehical DR is installed in medical checkup vehicles to realize fast and convenient medical checkups in different external scenarios, forming modes such as door-to-door medical services, setting up medical teams to go to the countryside, and establishing emergency medical plans in case of emergencies for a short period of time, which flexibly meets the needs of medical units and has a broad market prospect.


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