Why choose 3D x-ray imaging system?


Maximizing surgical confidence with 3D imaging

Wide medical monitor showing images with high brightness and high contrast.

Integrated monitor presents real-time images for easy image reading, relieving the burden of memory.

lntraoperative 3D Confirms Your Results

  • lntraoperative 3D imaging

Intraoperative 3D imaging and CT-like imaging provides precise information from every angle during the surgical procedures—-pinpoint anatomical structures, implants and screws more confidently.

  • Large volume of 3D imaging

Delivers a 3D image covering a volume of a vertical cylinder  more information would be seen in one volume:
● Seven cervical vertebrae
● Seven thoracic vertebrae
● Five lumbar vertebra
● Bilateral iliosacral joints
● Femur head and unilateral pelvis

  • Easy 3D setup

Thanks to wide space of C-arm,3D scan procedure takes around 60s for complete information, which translates into reduced surgery time for clinical work.

  • More efficient workflow

Intuitive intraoperative 3D evaluation avoids unnecessary postoperative CT scans and corrective surgery, saving time and costs.

  • Complete 3D scan

With iso-centric scan technology, orbital movement in a motorized 3D scan from any direction giving you complete, highly accurate 3D information in outstanding quality.

Perlove PLX7500 3D radiography system,

lead the trend of 3D imaging!


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