Why do doctors like to let patients take pictures?


The importance of clinical imaging

If the patient just shows me the diagnosis report, it is very difficult for me to make an accurate diagnosis.

Maybe the report says “disc herniation”, but herniated disc is just a general concept in my mind. I can’t make an accurate judgment on the patient’s condition, nor can I formulate a treatment plan based on the report. I have to see where the disc herniation is pressing on the film? How big is the range? Where did it get stimulated? Which nerve was stimulated? To determine whether there is spinal cord injury? Do you have stress syndrome? Combining these factors, I have to do one more thing, which is to combine the clinical manifestations of the patient and the physical symptoms of the patient.

There is usually a paragraph on the patient’s report called “Please combine with the clinical”, and the report without the clinical is meaningless. Therefore, some of our experienced doctors, even professional doctors, will never come up with a treatment plan based on a report. Not only need to see the patient’s film (clinical image), but also need to conduct detailed consultation and physical examination.


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