Wireless Mobile FPD C-arm System

Features & Benefits

Wireless data transmission Flexible mobility

Wireless connection and communication between C-arm and monitor cart, ensuring maximum flexibility as well as preventing stumble accident happens caused by excessive cables connecting.

High speed Wifi router with uninterrupted and large signal coverage, providing fast and stable data transmission.

Convenient maneuverability

30 seconds boot up powered by one push button on/off switch design, quickly available for critical situation.

Integrated laser aiming targeting devices on both X-ray tube and flat-panel detector, for better aligning the desired anatomy in different C-arm position, reducing radiation for patients and physicians.

The unlocked C-arm is fully counterbalenced at any angle or any position, keeping the operation safe and reliable.

Upgraded FPD Expanded FOV

Expanded field of view helps to reduce exposure times

Two available FPD options (21cm x 21cm / 23.6cm x 23.6cm) for PLX118WF Plus.
Larger FPD expands the field of view by more than 25% compared to conventional FPD. In the surgery which has large image size requirement, larger FPD helps to reduce the number of images been taken due to insufficient field of view, thus making it better lesion targeting and surgical planning for physician.

Versatile design for clinical application

High DQE and grayscale value, low noise level, giving excellent image with crystal clear clarity.

Caring for pediatrics and dose sensitive patients. To achieve high definition images with low dose after removing the grid.

Large heat capacity and fast heat dissipation ensure working continuously.

No exposure happens when button locked, avoiding radiation caused by misoperation.

To control the C-arm for positioning and exposure setting up remotely.

Medical grade articulating monitors provide multiple observation perspective with delicacy clarity.

Lightweight design, flexible movement.

Low dose management Multiple protection

Lower leakage radiation in the loading state

The radiation leakage in the loading sate of X-ray tube is far lower than CFDA and FDA standards, providing better protection from the X-ray source.

Real time DAP monitoring is available. Measuring actual dose level and displaying it on the console.

110kHz monoblock generator ensurse high quality X-ray, reducing soft X-ray level and radiation dose.

X-ray generated in high frequency pulse wave can reduce 50% of radiation dose compared with continous flouroscopy. This particular technology has a positive effect on weakening the motion artifact.

Allowing radiologist to preview and adjust exposure area before exposure, reducing unnecessary radiation absorption.

Decreasing radiation level by absorbing soft X-ray. Ensuring high quality image for precise diagnosis and

Outstanding image quality for Complicated surgeries

Description: Patient with knee arthritis has suffered from knee joint pain caused by compartment narrowing

Clear image of articular surface helps surgeon to figure out where the injury happens, so as to better planning the artificial joint implantation.

Description: Patient suffered from acute pain and numbness caused by cervical radiculopathy

The goal of the surgery is to remove the injuried disc of cervical spine in order to decompress the affected nerve roots. High resolution image provides an idea observation perspective for surgery.

Description: Patient experienced traumatic vertebral injury result in lumbar spine fracture

In order to decompress the vertebrae, pedicle screws are accurately implanted into the lumbar spines by the image guidance of lumbar AP and lateral view.

Description: Swelling ankle and acute pain caused by distal fibula fracture

During the procedure, clear image helps surgeon to carry out anatomical reduction and avoid postoperative complications caused by improper reduction.

Description: Femur neck fracture, increasing pain during walking.

The image gives a detailed anatomical structure of hip joint, helps the surgeon to better assess the result of implantation, promise an excellent surgical outcome.

Description: Pelvic fracture result in internal bleeding and hemorrhagic shock

The angiogram of internal iliac artery helps radiologist to precisely locate where the bleeding happens, and successfully fix the injured artery.

Wireless Mobile FPD C-arm System

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