X-ray Radiography System

Features & Benefits


● Optimized imaging system provides high-definition images, improves the innage’s quality at lowest radiation dose.
● The simple-to-use system minimizes training time, allows efficient workflow and speed up your patient throughput.
● Anatomical pragramiming and sensor type electromagnetic lock for table top movement
● This unit is developed as a system as much as possible small and compact, to possibly overcome any restrictions and installation limits even in the narrowest space.
● The rotate range of column is± 180口 allows for a comfortable radiography on patients carried on stretchers.

Optional parts

Bucky stand(with grid): 1 set


Optional: DR flat panel detector, can be upgrade to direct digital radiography system


Small focus, high output power is suitable for routine radiography checking


X-ray tube assembly could rotate 土 90° t and can be fixed al any angle,, chest exams are also possible when combined with bucky stand.


Satisfy various clinical radiography demands

Sensor type electromagnetic lock for table top movement result in faster positioning and better patient comfort.

The rotate range of column is 4*90° allows for a comfortable radiography on patients carried on stretchers.

Optional bucky stand, the large 17″*17″ active area is suitable for examination of any anatomic region.

Product Configuration

Remote Control console1 setHigh voltage cable2 set
Integrated radiography table1 setX-ray generator1 set
Multi-leaf collimator1 setX-ray tube assembly1 set

Technical Parameters

Power Output40kW
X-ray tubeRotate anode
Dual-focus: Large focus:2.0mm; Small focus: 1.0mm
Tube thermal capacity: 140kJ
Tube curnent32-500mA
Tube voltage44kV-125kV
Expose time0.02s-4s
Power supply380V ± 38V, 50Hz, Capacity>40kVA


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