What are the advantages and features of dynamic U-arm DR?


DR is the basic imaging equipment commonly used in radiology department, according to the shape, the common DR can be divided into U-arm DR, double column DR and suspension DR, do you know what is U-arm DR? U-arm DR is a mechanical structure similar to the letter “U” of the DR equipment, relative to other types of DR, this type of DR has the installation of low requirements, small room area, more convenient positioning and so on. Compared with other types of DR, this type of DR is characterized by low installation requirements, small machine room area, and more convenient positioning.

U-arm DR

PLX8500E dynamic U-arm DR, with flexible movement, convenient operation and high efficiency, has two types of photography, dynamic and static image acquisition. It can be used for photography, fluoroscopy and various types of imaging examinations of the head, chest, abdomen, lumbar spine, limbs and other parts of the human body in prone, orthopedic, lateral and oblique positions in hospitals at all levels to meet various clinical needs. Advantageous features of the product are as follows:

Large imaging field of view

The large 17*17 dynamic flat panel with 900W HD pixels can more effectively cover the inspection range, reduce the time required for the inspection and exposure, thus ensuring the improvement of the efficiency of the imaging inspection and effectively avoiding the occurrence of undesirable hidden dangers such as wasted films, omission of diagnosis, misdiagnosis, secondary shooting, and multiple repeated exposures.

PLX8500E Dynamic U-arm DR has a large dynamic field of view, clearly displaying all the imaging and subtraction of the digestive system, urinary system and reproductive system, etc. Combined with the targeted image optimization function of the software, it can more clearly display the morphology and location of the lesions.

PLX8500E Dynamic U-arm DR Clinical Imaging

Fast and stable imaging

The fully intelligent IBS control function automatically recognizes the information of the illuminated body, eliminating the need to manually adjust the parameters and producing fast and stable images.

Dynamic flat panel detector acquires pixel matrix of 3K*3K, with two core imaging modes: dynamic fluoroscopic camera and static single-frame photography. During dynamic acquisition or playback, single-frame images can be captured at any time, which is convenient for doctors to carry out efficient and accurate diagnosis and analysis of clinically important foci, and quickly prepare reports.

More Intuitive Image Comparison

PLX8500E Dynamic U-Arm DR adopts an ultra-wide 34-inch LCD monitor, which frees the dual-screen and dual-workstation beams and realizes side-by-side display of acquisition and playback images, which makes the comparison of clinical image effects more intuitive and the operation more convenient and quick.

Expandable multi-screen display function, to achieve multi-session observation, access to the effect, to solve the difficulties of the diagnostic site limitations, bringing doctors more convenient diagnostic methods.

Intelligent imaging workstation

Seamless docking with cloud PACS system, information sharing and remote diagnosis.

Self-diagnosis of faults and display of fault codes, quick judgment of fault status, and self-protection function.

Perlove PLX8500E dynamic U-arm DR can realize various functions such as digital photography, digital fluoroscopy, partial contrast and whole-body splicing, etc. Meanwhile, it is equipped with accurate diagnostic safeguard functions, such as video saving and playback, dynamic and static extremely fast switching, and local zoom observation, etc., which meets the high-standard comprehensive needs of general hospitals. If you want to purchase this U-arm DR product, welcome to consult 400-025-6366.


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