Digital Imaging System | Perlove-DRF


DRF is a state of the art multi-purpose imaging solution for all your radiography, fluoroscopy and angiography clinical examination needs.Guaranteed outstanding image quality in real time, and optimised workflow makes the traditional Image Intensifier obsolete.

Let me introduce the digital radiography and fluoroscope system-the DRF PLD9600A. It includes the high frequency generator, super thermal capacity X-ray tube, the dynamic flat panel detector, the smart workstation,diagnose table with flexible movement.


DRF system combines two functions-the radiography function to provide static images for the diagnose on chest/spine/esophagus and other parts of body, and the fluoroscope function to provide dynamic image, which is widely used in diagnose of gastrointestinal and gallbladder contrast and some other fluoroscope diagnose .

2.Intelligent Control

This flexible movement will give free access for patients,including kids and disabled patients, at the same time, it gives more free space for doctors to finish diagnose and operation from different angle.

3.Clear and accurate diagnosis

Millisecond snapshot,meet various clinical diagnostic requirements

4.Low radiation dose ,instant exposure

*Adopt advanced pulse fluoroscopy technology,comnined with high standard hardware configuration.Well integtated ultra low dose and ultra high quality images.

*New automatic dose control system,abtain clearer image information with less radiation dose,reduce radiation exposure to doctors and patients.

The last but very important point our DRF PLD9600A meets your business target. No matter you are a distributor who wants more opportunities to win a tender and provide a better solution for your customers, no matter you are from a hospital who needs a super equipment with multiple functions to improve the workflow and medical service, this “ALL in ONE” system PLD9600A will help you to achieve the target.


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