【Intelligent Lift Table】 Perlove Medical’s Dynamic Flat Panel DRF: An Exemplary Innovation


In clinical applications, the convenience of the dynamic flat panel DRF bed design plays a significant role in enhancing diagnostic efficiency, medical service quality, and patient satisfaction.

Perlove Medical’s dynamic flat panel DRF, meticulously developed to meet clinical needs, features a bed that can adjust its tilt angle and move laterally. Additionally, it incorporates an innovative intelligent lift bed design, bringing numerous notable advantages to clinical diagnosis and treatment:

  1. Improving Imaging Quality: By adjusting the bed height as needed, doctors can more easily operate the equipment, accurately control the X-ray projection angle, and quickly and precisely locate lesions. This results in clearer and more accurate imaging, reducing the need for repeat shots due to poor positioning. This is especially crucial for diagnosing conditions related to bones, joints, and soft tissues.
  2. Meeting Various Patient Examination Needs: For patients with mobility issues, the lift bed can adjust their position, reducing discomfort. For special patient groups, such as children and the elderly, the lift function aids in better cooperation during exams. The bed can also be aligned with hospital beds or stretchers, facilitating easier patient transfer and avoiding secondary injuries during movement.
  3. Adapting to Different Examination Needs: Different diseases require examination of various body parts. The lift bed can adapt to these requirements. For example, raising the bed for chest examinations allows better exposure of the chest area for observation. Lowering the bed for abdominal exams helps achieve clearer imaging.
  4. Enhancing Doctor Work Efficiency: The bed can be raised or lowered significantly, allowing doctors of different heights to adjust it to a comfortable working level. Doctors can quickly adjust the bed height according to the patient’s condition and imaging needs, achieving the optimal shooting angle. This improves work efficiency and reduces patient waiting time.
  5. Improving Diagnostic and Treatment Outcomes: Accurate imaging is crucial for devising treatment plans during disease diagnosis. The lift bed provides multi-angle positioning support, helping doctors obtain high-quality images and reducing the risks of misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis. Additionally, in emergency situations, the lift bed allows doctors to quickly adjust the bed height, speeding up imaging and gaining more time for patient treatment.

Perlove Medical’s dynamic flat panel DRF with its intelligent lift bed design is a highly practical feature that significantly improves examination efficiency and diagnostic outcomes, enhancing the patient experience. This design reflects the trend towards more humanized and intelligent development in medical imaging equipment, providing more reliable technical support for precise diagnosis.


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