Helping Epidemic Prevention | Dynamic Tablet DR Completed Installation


At the end of March 2022, a new crown epidemic broke out in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. As a key emergency unit, Lianyungang Eye Hospital was designated as a yellow code designated hospital. Due to the surge in the number of visits, the hospital’s inspection equipment can no longer meet the needs of daily diagnosis and treatment, and it is urgent to purchase Fangcang CT and Fangcang DR equipment. After multiple investigations and demonstrations, the hospital shelter DR chose Pried.

In view of the hospital’s current demand for advanced equipment and the consideration that the equipment can play a maximum role after the epidemic, a high-end multi-function dynamic flat-panel DR product was introduced for it, which integrates static DR photography and dynamic fluoroscopy and imaging functions. All in one, it can perform DR static photography, various dynamic and angiographic examinations of the head, chest, abdomen and limbs, etc., and can also generate high-definition DR films under visual conditions, avoiding the blind shooting of traditional static DR and reducing missed diagnosis. The appearance of misdiagnosis meets various clinical diagnosis needs, and its new intelligent bed body can electrically control the longitudinal movement of the bed surface in the compartment, minimize the direct contact between doctors and patients, and effectively avoid cross-infection during the epidemic. To maximize the care of the health of doctors and patients. Finally, after the demonstration by clinical experts, the product stood out from many manufacturers with its high-end configuration and functions closer to the clinic, and became the best choice for Fangcang DR of Lianyungang Eye Hospital.

At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, installation time is life. In order to put the diagnostic equipment such as dynamic tablet DR into clinical use as quickly as possible to support the hospital’s epidemic prevention work, after the company received the order, the production department worked overtime to complete the debugging and testing of the equipment. After the arrival of the equipment, the installation and commissioning of the equipment and the training of medical staff on the use of the equipment were completed as soon as possible, to ensure that the dynamic tablet DR equipment was put into use smoothly, and to provide health protection for the people in the epidemic area of Lianyungang City.

At present, Perlove’S Dynamic Flat DR is running well in the hospital, and its powerful performance and humanized design have been unanimously praised by doctors.

At present, the domestic epidemic situation is still severe. In the days when the whole country is united to fight the epidemic, in addition to the medical workers who are fighting on the front line, many medical enterprises are also brave enough to play an important role in this battle against the epidemic.

As a senior manufacturer of R&D and production of multi-functional dynamic products in the domestic general radio field, Perlove Medical will surely assume more social responsibilities, continuously develop and produce “hard technology” related to anti-epidemic, and support epidemic prevention and control in its own way. , Contribute to national health!


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